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Jul 29, 2009 04:13 PM

The Stoneleigh P Restaurant in Dallas

The Stoneleigh P Restaurant in Dallas is a place to avoid. We went there for a hamburger today for lunch. The “restaurant” was actually a drab and dirty looking bar reeking of cigarette smoke even though there were no smoking signs posted.

I ordered a medium hamburger with lettuce, tomatoes, onions and their special sauce and my wife ordered a medium cheeseburger with ketchup. Boy was that a mistake. They don't serve ketchup here...their motto is "Our hamburgers are so good, it doesn't need ketchup." Asking for ketchup obviously ticked off our server, who by the way had the appearance of an upswept sidewalk, because she ignored us for the rest of the meal. I guess not serving ketchup, plain mayonnaise or yellow mustard cuts some food costs.

Don’t order fries either. They serve only chips, straight from the bag. Another cost cutting measure I guess.

We had heard good things about the burger.... but when they arrived they were extremely unimpressive. Instead of a medium burger, we were served a glob of burnt meat on a huge, cold pumpernickel burger bun with garlic/mayo spread smeared thinly on one half of the cold bun much like one would smear bacterial cells to the surface of a culture medium.

The burger was a misshapen patty of overcooked meat that had obviously been fried beyond recognition earlier in the week and then microwaved especially for our dining pleasure.

Even though the burger is too heavy on the pumpernickel bread, it did overwhelm the taste of the burnt meat.

To end on a positive note, the raw onion was tasty.

With unappetizing food and inhospitable service The Stoneleigh P Restaurant in Dallas remains a bleak spot on the culinary landscape.

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  1. SP is a bar, with food. And everyone who knows anything about the place or read anything about the place knows about the ketchup and fries. Whoever told you to come here and did not explain it pulled a fast one on you, I'd take it up with them.

    Bar food, at a bar, where people smoke (like most bars). Get a drink or three next time, then get the food LOL

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    1. re: dfwdean

      Quote the "dean":
      "SP is a bar,"

      Why does Chowhound list the place as:
      "The Stoneleigh P Restaurant
      Dallas, TX
      Type of place: restaurant"?

      I was unaware that it would take "a drink or three" to enjoy the food. But again I'm not a "High School Harry" nor do I have to be in an alcohol induced stupor to enjoy lunch.
      Also if this is a place "where people smoke (like most bars)" maybe the Dallas Fire Department needs to make a visit. Thanks for the informed. and now documented, tip I will pass the information on to the proper authorities...Trust me.

      1. re: speyerer

        Many thanks for the warning. If I ever had any thought about going there, your report just dispelled them.

        1. re: speyerer

          You seem like a fun lunch date!

          Anyway, you blew it by not ordering the queso verde. I'd inject that stuff straight into my veins if they'd let me.

          1. re: speyerer

            Why would you do that? Like the DFD doesn't have enough to do (I believe it’s a health ordinance anyhow). The food sucks, fair enough, it’s a bar.