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Jul 29, 2009 03:03 PM

Asahi Kuronama Black availability?

I know Ozawa carries this in case form, but the price is outrageously expensive ($115 for case of 24). You can get a sixer of it in Cali for $12, so it's hard to get over that mental block and pay more than double here. The price works out to about $4.77 for a 330ml bottle, even Innis & Gunn is only $3.50 a bottle.

Do you recall any restaurants serving this? I don't mind paying a premium for one bottle, it's just hard to swallow that cost for a case of 24. I never buy 24's anyway, I always buy singles at lcbo for variety is the spice of life.

For those wondering, it is a dark lager that is brewed in Japan. Unlike the Asahi we get in lcbo/beer store, which is brewed locally.

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  1. The only immediate solution might be Quebec or nearby cross-border locations. It's nice. Happily recall swilling large volumes in Berkeley a few years back in liter(?)bottles. You might try Faxe Festbock--strong, dark, slightly bitter 7.7%.

    1. I've had draft Asahi Black at Ematei, but I don't know anywhere else you can buy it (other than the outrageous price from Ozawa).

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        thanks tjr and kagemusha, looks like I'll be ordering it next time I'm at Ematei.

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          i had bottles of asahi black at manpaku on mccaul. it went well with the takosen they served... :)