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Jul 29, 2009 02:55 PM

best PUB burger?

hey everyone

So, which PUB / SPORTS BAR serves up the best burger?

Please make special note if any of the ones do not have the over-sized bun... Not a big fan of burgers with buns that are too large... I like them soft and proportional!

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  1. Toss up between Old Orchard and McKibbins

    1. Personally, I leave the pub when I want a burger and go to Pick's or Buns.

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        1. re: Anth

          I second Mckibbons. I've been there a few times to try the Monday and Thursday specials and every time they were already sold out so i settled for the burger and it was good.

          1. re: blond_america

            McKibbins hands down. GREAT fries, good ambiance, and a nacho plate with a mountain of toppings. It's the perfect pub.

            Signed: Concordia Student.

            1. re: BoomerKid

              Since I don't always get downtown I can't endorse McKibbin's whole-heartedly but I've had their burger on several occasions and its ver good. But I think the Olde Orchard burger is great. spicy jalapenos are great.

        2. re: bigfellow

          Another vote for McKibbins, though like bigfellow I like saving 50% by going to the places he mentioned.
          I've also had good food at Dundee's, but I think it was ribs not a burger.

          1. re: Shattered

            I actually really dislike the food at Dundee's. I find everything is so generic and bland. Their burger is decent, but other than that their food is not up to the standard of McKibbin's or Olde Orchard. It's just boring (and not especially cheap) food. That being said, I like the space at Dundee's and its a really nice place to have a drink and not feel claustrophobic.