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Jul 29, 2009 02:26 PM

Ribeye Steaks

Our steak of choice for small BBQs has always been ribeye. Mind you, we don't eat that much meat any more, so I don't think we bought any ribeyes since last year (we had a few large group BBQs where flank and skirt are the way we go).

Problem is, we couldn't find any. Wegman's only has them on the bone (which, in my view, is not the definition of a ribeye). Genuardi's, Giant, and Superfresh didn't have any period. We're not in the boonies, well not way out; this is the Exton / Lionville area.

Did I miss something? Have ribeyes become illegal? Is there a run on BBQable steaks on Wednesdays? I've simply never had this problem before.

BTW, we settled on filets mignons. It's my wife's birthday, so what the ...


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  1. Wow! This is the first time I have heard of that happening. I buy them regularly at our Genuardi's in Lower Gwynedd. I even have them cut to my desired thickness. Believe it or not, the ribeyes from Costco are pretty darn good too. Good luck next time you are on a ribeye quest!

    1. Well, personally, I think the bone-in ribeye is a way better and more flavorful cut, and usually much harder to find at a typical supermarket.... but to each his own. I am not near you, but our Giant has them regularly. Did you talk to someone in the meat dept.? Sometimes you just have to ask when they are available, or even for them to order you some. Good luck.

      1. I'll second the Costco rec with this comment: Costco used to carry one grade of meat, labeled Choice, but it seemed to be a cross between Choice and Prime. Now they carry Prime at a higher price, plus choice. There isn't that great a difference in visible marbling, but IMO the Prime is superb and worth the price differential. Still a bargain.

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          The ones l got had a great difference in marbling, but l buy whole boneless ribeyes and then clean and cut them myself, maybe l got lucky

          1. re: Bashful3

            yes, Costco. They consistently have the best meat anywhere, in my opinion. And it is at a great price if you can buy in bulk & freeze. The steaks are so thick, we often cut them in half & have more than enough per serving to go around.

          2. try acme. I live in west chester and buy boneless ribeyes 2-3 times a week for my fiance. Giants meat is not their strong point for me. Acme's prime meat #1 by far!!

            1. What, you don't understand that you can take a knife and remove the bone (best part)?
              Rib steak better with the bone. Bone is for chomping.