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Jul 29, 2009 01:42 PM

5 weekends on the Vineyard: some thoughts

We've been based on Lambert's Cove, with varying modes of transportation: vespa, bicycle, car. Having a kitchen and a deck and a grill and all that has made eating out less of a priority - I'd definitely like to try a couple more places, but for now, some thoughts:

Lobster roll at Grace Church on Friday nights. In a word: fantastic.

Art Cliff:
Cod cake with eggs for me and a special crab tortilla for him: both completely outstanding. The best lunch/brunch/breakfast I've had in a long time.

Newes From America Pub:
Reuben for me, Fish & Chips for him: both totally fine, but given that we were starved by the time we got there, I'm not sure my taste buds were exactly right. I'd like to try more of their menu.

Seafood Shanty:
Chowder and lobster roll for me, Fish & Chips for him: pretty good chowder, actually, definitely better than The Quarterdeck's version, but interestingly inferior to the version served on the ferry. Also had a perfectly fine lobster roll, but the bun was cold, unbuttered, ungrilled and way too doughy. The fish and chips were again the beer battered variety, but held up well enough. I'd like to try The Atlantic instead, I think.

Black Dog Bakery:
Various times we've had perfectly acceptable muffins and egg sandwiches. Really I just like how quiet and comfortable a place it is to read the paper on Sunday, before church lets out.

Mad Martha's Icecream:
I had strawberry. It was eh.

Mrs Blake's pies:
Sadly, I think the loss of Mrs. Blake has resulted in some inferior pies. Looks like I'm baking from now on.

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  1. I went to the Seafood Shanty for lunch. Once.

    Sat at my table reading a paper for about 15 - 20 minutes. A few staff walked by, but no one stopped.

    1. Just continuing the chronicling.

      Beach Plum Inn:
      Gorgeous views, lovely dining room, insane prices.

      I had two specials: a basil & tomato soup with brie and what appeared to be that red pepper jelly favored by so many on top of goat cheese and crackers. The soup itself was superb, though I could have done without the jelly. Halibut in a lemon butter sauce with broccolini and hazelnut risotto. At first I though the risotto was crunchy from the hazelnuts, but it turns out the rice was completely undercooked. Yuck! Fish was perfectly done, but uninspired.

      Spicy seared scallops over mango salad for him. Really nice flavor on the scallops, but they could have been seared a bit more. Swordfish with avocado and tomato salsa was perfectly fine.

      For $40 an entree, I'd like it to be better than fine, though the appetizers were definitely good. And I guess you could say you're paying for the view. I loved the lighthouse especially. I still need to try State Road one of these times. I think that may finally be a standout for me.

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      1. re: gini

        Went to State Road in July and it was by far, the best meal I have ever had on MV! The restaurant have been beautifully renovated, and the gardens are sumptuous. Ate there with five people and we all loved our meals. (I can't remember what everyone ate like most of you foodies...) I just can't stop thinking about the pea soup that was so impossibly wonderful, I could have stpped right there. They bring tiny, hot brioche to the table. They sell homemade chocolate bars. What more could you want?!? Go, go, go!

        1. re: majik

          What a great recommendation, thanks! I think we're aiming for Sunday, if possible.

      2. To continue the diary - State Road last night:

        We split:
        lobster and green bean tempura - light and lovely batter, nice and salty
        artichoke fritters - i felt these were soggy and flavorless, but others quite liked them
        seared pork belly with puy lentils and poached egg - rich, fatty, textured; the lentils especially were delicious
        tomato and yellow bean salad - a perfectly nice showcase of local produce

        For my main I had a grilled sirloin with green beans, Roquefort fritters, and pommes Anna. Everything was spot on - nicely cooked, well seasoned, interesting flavors.

        I also had tastes of the pancetta wrapped cod with cheddar grits - he liked it, but the cod isn't my thing, though the grits were perfect. The fig crusted rack of lamb was delicious as was the special of duck over sweet potato mashed with a corn coleslaw.

        For dessert, we were a birthday party, and they kindly made a chocolate bunt cake with the most absurdly delicious icing I've tasted in quite some time.

        I really don't mean to rave so crazily about this place, but State Road is right up there with my favorites in Boston - Prezza, Neptune, 10 Tables, Gargoyles...