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Jul 29, 2009 01:41 PM

Cheap chow eats in the 14th

Hi Chowhounds

Apologies if this has been covered but I have searched the board and cannot find much. I am staying in the 14th for a few weeks near Cite University and am looking for some cheap chow worthy eats. Any recommendations much appreciated.

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  1. I'm not sure what your definition of cheap is but here are some good places:
    4, rue Danville, 14th (Metro: Denfert-Rochereau)
    Closed Sundays and Mondays
    Menu-carte 30 € at both lunch and dinner and a 20 € menu for 3-courses with no choices.

    La Cantine du Troquet
    101, rue de l'Ouest, 14th (Metro: Pernety)
    No telephone/no reservations
    Closed Sunday nights and Mondays
    A la carte from 30-40 €

    181, rue du Château, 14th (Metro: Pernety)
    T: 01 43 22 64 86
    Closed Mondays and Tuesdays
    Lunch menu 25 €, evening menu 50 €, a la carte: 25-40 €.

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    1. re: John Talbott

      Thanks John this is exactly what I was looking for you are a wealth of information - assuming you are based in Paris let me know if I can ever return the favour with recommendations for London.

      1. re: Gourmet Chick

        I can second the recommendation for L'Entêtée. The young chef thre (a woman) is really talented. I went for lunch. Excellent value. Not sure what the hours are for August, though...

    2. Will you have use of a kitchen? If money is a concern and you have use of kitchen, you might consider doing a bit of shopping at a Monoprix. There, you can stock up on a variety of cheeses, breads, pate, frruits, prepared entrees, etc. At least you'll save quite a bit if you can do at least two of your main meals each day this way.

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      1. re: Michelle007

        Yes sadly L'Entetee (sorry no accents on this keyboard) is closed for August. I have been cooking as well but obviously also want to eat out. Thanks for the advice.