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Jul 29, 2009 01:20 PM

Where to find good corned beef hash in Chapel Hill/Durham?

For me, it's hard to beat good, real corned beef hash with a sunny side up egg on top for breakfast. I'm talking about homemade hash, not the stuff that looks like dog food that comes in a can. Has anybody found real corned beef hash in the western half of the Triangle?

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  1. I'm right there with you, bbqme, although I like my egg poached. But eggs is eggs, so let me say that I get my hash fix at one of two places. The first is Rick's Diner behind South Square. Is their hash home-made? I don't know -- it's certainly a "fine-grained" hash -- but it's good. The second, and please reserve judgement on this, is at Bob Evans on 15-501. Theirs is a "roast beef" hash, but it's actually pretty good, and comes in a monumental serving. It's definitely a chunky hash - probably constructed at some central distribution facility, but what the hey.

    1. Have you ever tried the hash at Mimi's? It's in Cary near the mall,and I think theres another one in Burlington at Alamance Crossing. Yes, it's a chain but they do breakfast well. I thought their corned beef hash was awesome.

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        the best corned beef hash (and i, like you, enjoy a good, homemade product) is, when they have it, at the barbecue joint in chapel hill. i had a serving for lunch and ended up having a very light dinner -- just excellent and an ample portion.

        it's been a while, but i believe that carolina coffee shop/501 diner (same owner, or was) do a good corned beef hash, too.

        i'm sure there are other hidden jems on the westside -- though i can assure you that, at this time, you can skip hillsborough for that dish :)

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          no longer the same owner at 501 diner... and the food's gone FAR downhill. Echo the BBQ joint, but can you get an egg on top? I can't remember.