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Pizza slice in theater district

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  • jeb Jul 29, 2009 12:42 PM
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Can anyone recommend a place where I can get 50's-style pizza by the slice in the theater district. Thanks.

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  1. what is "50's-style" pizza? first i've heard of it...

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      thin, crispy..cheese isnt spotty..correct?

    2. best place is Bella Napoli on West 49th between 7th and 6th aves. Best pizza in Times Square. You could also try Lattanzi on 9th Ave. and 44th street for terrific Grandma style slices.

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        Sacco's on 9ave and ~52nd is pretty good. The cheese is so-so to decent, but the crust is perfect.

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          i second will4food and Bella Napoli. It's easily the best slice in the neighborhood and the only thing that resembles a real slice of pizza in these parts.