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Jul 29, 2009 12:33 PM

Wood's Hole Area

Anything worth a visit/trip while in Woods Hole?

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  1. A short walk from the Wood Island T stop is Day Square. There are a number of places worth trying in that area or nearby: Rincon Limeno, Cafe Jalisco, Mario's for decent red sauce Italian, Jeveli's for old-school atmosphere, and Rino's is a relatively short walk for good homemade pastas. Angela's is also not that far from Day Square.

    1. We always stop at Captain Kidd for a couple of pints. Love the bar and the view. I think I ate there once, just some chowder, and it was decent.

      Clam Shack at Falmouth Harbor is another frequent stop, enjoy the fried clams and the fish sandwiches there.

      I guess both are all about atmosphere so I can't be much of a food critic on either, usually am cooking up feasts at home when down on the Cape.

      1. Obviously I am suffering from heat exhaustion, since I mentally transposed your post to mean Wood Island in East Boston, not Woods Hole, MA.

        1. Wood's Hole is a culinary wasteland. Absolutely NOTHING worth mentioning.

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            Wow CCG. Dont sugar coat it.. I just cant find a place to park let alone a good meal.. Mybe we should go to WoodsIsland

            1. re: chef24

              Several years ago, someone tried to put in a McDonalds and it was shot down by local protests. I think the local restaurants all got together as they were worried that if allowed, it would be the best restaurant in the village.

              1. re: CapeCodGuy

                Thats harse CCG,, u know better than that would u eat a McDonalds The Capt Kidd is always a winner for decent fare.....Phusion has some nice apps,,,,,

                1. re: chef24

                  Yeah chef, even I sometimes read my own posts and say "what an angry old git!"

          2. Coffee obsession for, well coffee. Back in the day the Cap'n Kidd and the Fishmonger were good. Haven't been in some time.

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            1. re: trufflehound

              Ha..Sorry about that! I wasn't sure to put it in Boston Area or New England. Is there anything in spitting distance to Wood's Hole that is worth it? We will have a car. Thanks a bunch!!

              1. re: chadradchad

                In Falmouth, Waiquoit Grille gets good reviews. If you like lobster rolls, you MUST go to the Raw Bar in New Seabury, 30 minutes or so. Not cheap but the biggest and one of the best I've had. 2 summers ago, $25.