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Jul 29, 2009 12:32 PM

The Edison Downtown

Anyone been here? Thinking about a big group night out at this place. Was wondering how the food and drinks are any good? How's the noise level?



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  1. Get there EARLY, or make reservations for one of the seating areas - the last suggestion is definitely recommended for a large group. Can't comment on the food much - four of us had just cocktails and snacky things - but the drinks were perfect. Depending on where you are, the noise level can range from conversational to bleeding-from-the-eyeballs painful (I am constantly amazed at the number of young women who were never taught about Indoor Voices). The bar areas are of course the worst. It's a very cool space, and the staff we encountered were all perfectly friendly AND highly professional. We got dolled up, I in suspenders and bow tie, Mrs. O in her black cocktail getup including the hat w/veil, for which we got lots of compliments. It's not required, of course, but it was fun to do.

    1. never ate there. havent been there for about 2 years. when they first opened they didnt have food. i hear they have food now but i dont think its a place with a bunch of tables. more of a bar. drinks are average. on the high price side. yes noisy. get there early to find a place for you all to sit down. dont ever leave those seats or someone will take them!

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        If you have the space reserved the staff is vigilant and VERY firm about holding your turf for you. We were allowed to sit in a space that had been reserved for 9:00, because we knew we had to clear out before then.

      2. I think the space is absolutely incredible, albeit loud. Think about trying the punch bowls for a big group. We had a great time doing that (we had called ahead to reserve space). I only tried the appetizer sampler platter but it was definitely better than typical bar food, although the prices certainly reflected that.

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          Thanks for the help everyone!!!


        2. As already mentioned, the decor and space, especially the original building accents are ultra cool. Although it almost veers towards cheezy, it doesn't cross the line. However, I hate the unnecessary flat screen TVs.

          Drinks are solid. We went on a Friday night when they offer one $.35 drink (limited choice) and a tiny cup of tomatoe soup and a nibble of a grilled cheese sandwich. We also ordered a plate of wings; just ok.

          It's a place for enjoying the golden age's favorite pastime, cocktailing.

          Gin or scotch is perferred; if you drink vodka, you don't belong.

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            Au contraire, vinosnob - Mrs. O's Cosmo was perfect, and nobody sneered. You're right about the gin, though, because my doggedly old-fashioned martini was as good as any I make.

            Glad I'm not the only person repelled by the gigundo TVs. Expected Big Brother to come on just any minute.

            1. re: Will Owen

              WO, my post wasn't intended to be taken literally And the bartenders don't sneer if you order vodka; they just quietly chuckle as you leave the bar. *Again, please note sarcasm in post*

              Seriously, the bartenders don't laugh at you either.

              As much as I like vodka, I really appreciate a bar that keeps it old school with gin; the perfect booze for mixed drinks.

          2. Great place. The atmosphere, space, etc is incredible. The one time a group of us ordered food - sliders, fries and the like - it was much better than I expected. Go and have a good time! Let us know what you think.