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Jul 29, 2009 11:51 AM

Alternative lighter, summery stuffed cabbage ideas?

A local farm is growing the best cabbage I have ever seen in my life. The tender leaves which were whole and large even to the core were just begging to be stuffed.

This cabbage was pegged for braising with bacon, apples and oca potatoes, but I seem myself buying more cabbage on the next visit.

While I love the traditional versions with beef or rice, I've been upping my veggie intake recently and finding I can eat so much more and lose weight without any effort. So I'm looking for some alternatives.

All I think was maybe something with apples or tomatoes but I'm at a loss. Googling brought up some different ideas. Anyone have any other creative thoughts?

This still has some rice in it, but I like the idea of using herbs such as mint and fresh tomatoes

Don't know about the rice or feta, but I think I could use this for inspiration for a bean-based stuffed roll.


Again with the feta, but another idea

Barley-Stuffed Cabbage Rolls with Pine Nuts and Currants

Hmmm ... lobster ... it does bring the idea of a fish stuffed cabbage. I wonder how salmon would go with cabbage. Maybe a white fish?

Lobster-Stuffed Cabbage With Caviar

Other fish-based rolls ... maybe I can drop the smoked snoek

Mussels with ginger broth and smoorsnoek-stuffed cabbage

Savoy Cabbage Stuffed with Langoustines and Scallops, Red Bell Pepper and Caviar Sauce

Seafood cabbage rolls

Salmon stuffed cabbage with lemon sauce

These might fill the ticket and they are Kosher

Cabbage Stuffed with Wild Rice and Eggplant

Gee ... only 9 calories per serving

Mochi Stuffed Cabbage Rolls

And only 37 calories here ...

Stuffed cabbage leaves with spinach and paneer

Fennel with cabbage somehow seems like a good pairing

Fennel Stuffed Cabbage

OK, this is a spring roll recipe, but maybe replace the rice wrapper with a cabbage leaf and go from there?

Vegan Tofu Apple Spring Rolls

Welll, lots of substitutions would be needed,yogurt. not sour cream, no breadcrumbs, etc ... but still an idea

Chestnut and mushroom-stuffed cabbage parcels

Well, heck, this just sounded tasty ... it is supposed to be low fat

Whole Grain and Italian Sausage Stuffed Cabbage Recipe

Ok, who can pass up Nepali stuffed cabbage though it has meat

Cabbage Rolls Stuffed with Spicy Lamb, Nepali Style

I'm weaking ... help me get back to summery and veggie-based

Andouille and Pork Sausage Stuffed Cabbage Rolls

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  1. For visual appeal, I would add whole grape tomatoes to the stuffing mixture. Just off the top of my head, brown basmati rice, grape tomato, scallions, paneer, golden raisins, cashews, yogurt and curry powder. Braise/bake the rolls in Trader Joe's red pepper and tomato soup, seasoned to taste with garlic, chili, etc.

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    1. re: greygarious

      Great ideas. I'm thinking I can even carry this over to stuffed peppers.

    2. I completely agree on the feta, I'm not really a fan myself. I have not cooked any of these (yet, but now I want to), but thought I'd share my search results.
      It seems to have an Asian flare, the beans sound weird to me in this though, as do the tomatoes actually. I might just have to try these myself to see if it works. I also thought about adding more bell peppers and omitting the beans and/or tomatoes entirely.
      These look great to me.
      Not a fan of fake meat, so I'd just omit it and up the mushrooms.
      Simple, basic, sounds good.
      Not cabbage rolls, but sound so good!

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      1. re: enbell

        Nice. They give me lots of ideas.

        For some reason cabbage and cheese for the most part doesn't sound appetizing. The boursin might work though. There's a recipe out there by Mario Batteli that uses mozzarella as the stuffing, but that just doesn't sound good to me, besides being a little fatty.

      2. I've stuffed zucchini with a mixture of orzo, sundried tomatoes, crimini mushrooms, sauteed onions and boursin cheese, covered in tomato sauce and baked. Even my meat lovin' husband liked them.

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        1. RW....I am .... speechless.....LOOK at those recipes!!!!! WELL! Here's one, not tried & true, but it is from Bittman NYT and uses shrimp and bread rice...LOOKS very low fat, not sure about the calories...oh! my! your list is unbelievable....I have a head of cabbage in my fridge but I *am not* going to turn on my oven in this heat (no rain...NO RAIN in SWFL!!!) will try to use some or at least one of your recipes in crockpot...

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          1. re: Val

            That does look good. It is surprising all the non beef rolls are out there.

            I'm going to be evil here ... while googling it seems that you can make cabbage rolls in the microwave. Here's one of many recipes.

          2. I apple and cabbage are a natural pairing. I think I'd make an apple stuffing like for chicken and fill the leaves with that.Since it's summer maybe apple and wild rice stuffing. Maybe served with a little mustard-yoghurt mix drizzled on top...

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            1. re: Gooseberry

              Oh man, that sounds like a great idea!