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Jul 29, 2009 11:42 AM

Restaurant recommendations in Downtown Montreal or Old Montreal area?

I'll be going to Downtown Montreal this weekend for 3 days. Are there any good restaurants that are unique to Montreal or that are worth trying?

Oh, &
What's the best place to eat Smoked Meat?

I have heard that Dunn's and Shcwartz are pretty famous. Which is better?
And does Schwartz have a long line-up?

Thankss :^.^

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  1. Schwartz has a line up, but if you're alone, and want to sit at the bar, it usually goes fast.

    other than that, what do you like ? style ? cost ? ambiance ? wine important ? terrasse ?

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    1. re: Maximilien

      I'm wondering.. how long is the line-up? hehe... i'm trying to make the most
      of my time

      I'm willing to try pretty much anything available.
      And as long as it is reasonably priced it's fine.
      Wine is not important (not really a fan ^.^;;)
      Ambiance , Terrasse doesn't matter

      1. re: Lyfee

        They have a separate takeout area next door and it goes faster, I'm told. You can find a little park and eat your sandwich outside, or eat in the back, apparently. It's worth it if you've never been and want to try smoked meat. It's an institution. Dunn's isn't in the same league. Also keep in mind that Schwartz's is open from 8 or 9 am til the wee hours of the morning, so try to go during off-peak hours and there will be much less of a line.

        1. re: Lyfee

          Line-up goes real fast.Schwartz's smoked meat is much better IMHO.Just don't ask for a lean sandwich.That's sacrilege.LOL!