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Jul 29, 2009 11:41 AM

Chinese in NC, Charlotte to Asheville. Anyone? Anyone?

We live in Morganton, and have been looking with no luck for good Chinese. We'll range anywhere from Charlotte to Asheville. Is there such a thing as great Chinese in the western part of the state? We've been reduced to P.F. Chang's ...

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  1. We have been going to Great Wall of China in Charlotte for years and highly recommend it. It is at the corner of Highway 51 and Carmel Road in the Carmel Commons shopping center.

    1. Dim Sum in Charlotte is excellent.

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      1. re: bbqdawg

        I second Dim Sum on Central Ave. in Charlotte.

        1. re: bbqdawg

          i definitely third this.

          there isn't any authentic chinese food in morganton unless you want americanized stuff.

          1. re: vttp926

            I think Dim Sum is the most enjoyable on the weekends at lunch time when the Dim Sum carts are rolling.

        2. i conur with Dim Sum. I'll also throw in 88 China Bistro on 4th Street (near the inersection with Hawthorne) in Charlotte. While the "Americanized Chinese" menu there is good, ask for the Cantonese menu. I'm a big fan of the duck on the Cantonese menu and the vegetable-stuffed flounder.