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Trader Joes - DFW

There is a June 10th posting on the Austin board that TJ's is about to open In Dallas - does anyone know any details about this, or is it just rumor ??

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  1. I got all excited and went to their website. There are six cities where TJ's is listed as "coming soon." Dallas is not one of them. Sadly.

    1. I'll believe it when I see it!

      1. We'll get a TJ's here the same time we find out who really killed Kennedy.

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            Look at their locations. There are no stores in the Great Plains states.

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              I don't know about now, but they used to personally return every call. I've talked to someone who was in charge of new locations and they said that they were looking to expand to the Great Plains states with Dallas, TX as their hub. That was about two years ago. There was some concern about Whole Foods (which I don't really get b/c WFs is so expensive) since they are headquartered in TX. Since going back to visit in California, I'm not so impressed with TJ. The prices have skyrocketed in the last two years.

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                If the great prices were gone, then so to would be my interest. Between Sprouts, Kroger, and the variety of ethnic markets around Richardson/North Dallas, I don't even need them to do great bargain grocery shopping. More competition can only make things better though! I'm really sorry to hear their prices aren't competitive anymore.

                I miss the cracked wheat sour dough bread though, that's some really good stuff.

        1. Aldi's is the parent company of Trader Joes. They are opening an Aldi's in Frisco in the very near future on Preston Road. I wonder if that's what they're talking about.

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            I heard a rumor about Aldi's at Live Oak and Carrol in East Dallas i think there is a washteria at the location right now

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              They are opening up about 25 stores in DFW over the next year and a half, starting in the spring.

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                You mean, Aldi's. Right? Not Trader Joe's.

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                  Aldi's is to food what a dollar store is to trinkets. Mostly seconds, and off brand nonesense. You rent a shopping cart, and buy bags.

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                      The link here is that Aldi's is TJ's parent company. They are building a distribution center in Denton. Once the DC is open and they have in infrastructure here in NTX, the thought is that TJ's will come. From what I've read in other threads, where Aldi's goes TJ's follows...

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                        That makes sense. When I spoke to the TJ representative, they were thinking of making Dallas the distribution hub. They just needed to find a space that worked.

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                  Aldi's started moving dirt for their store in Pantego a couple of weeks ago. If it’s going to be anything like the one I was at in Kansas City last month, it won’t be worth the five block drive.

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                    That is where I had my Aldi's experience, Kansas City. Dashed in for a quicky item and was flabergasted. I thought the health departments regulated grocers.

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                  Yes, we're supposed to get an Aldi in north Fort Worth right next to Keller.
                  Aldi isn't something you want in your neighborhood as they cater to a lower class clientele.

              2. A few years ago when in California, I asked the manager of a TJ's why they wouldn't open in Dallas. He replied, "too much competition". I guess things have changed now.

                1. From what I'm reading and from what I've noticed on my frequent trips to California, I'm getting the sinking feeling that Aldi's, has slowly changed the quality and concept of the original Trader Joe's that I remember years ago while living in California. Companies care more about profit than continuity of the concept that made them popular in the first place.

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                    I completely agree. The cheese selection has not been good and outside of produce, they are hardly competitive. Items are also not as fresh. Recently, my mother-in-law and some of my friends have bought items only to get home and realize they were expired. It's too bad. No one loved TJ's more than I did.

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                      my Dad talks to the TJ mngmt every time he visits my brothers in southern Ca. They say the same thing everytime which is that WF has major clout and are preventing them from staking some claim to the state. The venture in frisco is dead now.

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                        I don't understand how it's possible Whole Foods could stop or stifle a company that wants to open in Texas. Developers and landlords would only be to happy to have a large company lease space from them. God knows, there's plenty of empty buildings available. I don't believe it.

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                          I doubt WF has the clout they once did not with the amount of space for rent. Also WF has it's own issues still with the entire wild oats stock issue. If they would have blocked anybody it would be New Flower aka Sun Flower markets who are in fact the old owners of Wild Oats before the hostile take over.

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                            the Aldis under construction at the SE corner of Ave K and Park in Plano still seems to be progressing.

                      2. Aldi's is coming to Carrollton, corner of Marsh and Frankford next to (gasp) the .99 cents only store. But I must say Aldi's in my home town in Connecticut is great, bargain groceries pretty good quality for what you are paying. It works for us industry professionals that don't make a whole lotta scratch. Beats sack 'n' save by a long shot.

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                          As reported before, Aldi's is not that great and is actually lowest quality. The neighborhood you speak of sounds like its in tune with their business plan. Find delights such as paying for sacks, renting carts, and looking at off-off brands. I also saw (on my one visit to a store in KS) expired and freezer burned items. Just be careful.

                          I would suspect initially it will be fine. But low end.

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                            The Aldi's I shopped at for years in Wichita was actually quite good and prices could not be beat. Yes it was an off brand (their own) and special purchases periodically but they cater in basics and staples. Similar to the Ikea concept in production to keep costs down. Aldi is a German company and as such is run quite officient;ly, no fills. Canned items (fruit, vegetables) are as good if not better than name brands and much cheaper than your regular store. No they are not stocked like Central Market but that is what keeps costs down. They stock what people need and use a lot of . You do your own boxing, bagging and transporting to save you money. Many people can benefit from this type of store, low income or middle (even high) if they would just get over themselves. You don't rent the carts, you deposit quarter(s) and get them returned when you re attach the cart (so they don't have to hire staff to pick up after you!) The quality is just fine....but I feel many are trying to make Aldi suffer the Wal mart stigma.....bring one in and down goes the neighbothood. Read about it on Wikipedia.....and learn. You can find expired and freezer burned in your own store. We should always be careful where ever you shop.

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                              Ahh if you know Wichita, I own a farm between Yoder and Haven (neighbors are Amish and near Hutchinson). The Aldi's I witnessed should be burned to the ground.

                              I had no reason to ever visit another Aldi's again after that hellish experience. I admit to being somewhat snobbish when it comes to what I serve family and friends. I refuse to purchase sub-par provisions. Cart rentals? Come on...

                              Cheryl, no personal foul directed at you, I am sure the Wichita location was a delightful oasis. Would I be wrong in suggesting that your Aldi's might be located on 13th street or somewhere northwest?

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                            I'm surprised by the Aldi's hate!

                            When I lived in Chicago, we shopped there on a regular basis (at different stores - different locations depending on where we lived). You didn't have to "rent" a cart, but you did have to put in a quarter deposit - which you got back. Like Sam's stores, they had boxes for you to "bag" your groceries.

                            The stores in Chicago sold a mix of name brand and off brand products. Some were good; some were not - by my standards at least. They did sell Home Run Inn pizzas - alone worth the drive. They'd also have loads of seasonal produce and giant containers of nuts (again sort of Sam's/Costco like).

                            Is it food that I'd serve to guests or at a dinner party? Probably not. Is it food that is edible and worth the cart/bagging/minimal customer service experience? Definitely if you want to save some money. When living in Chicago, shopping at Aldi's for basics and average weeknight meals meant that we could eat out several times a week - and afford the higher prices at niche grocers or the farmer's markets.

                          3. There are two Aldi's in Germany (two brothers split the company). One is TJs in the US, and the other one is called Aldi's in the US. I just read this article last week, and it is extremely interesting and clarifies everything...


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                              I'm relieved to know that Trader Joe's and Aldi's are two different companies. Now, if only we could get a Trader Joe's here in Dallas. Ahh, perchance to dream....

                            2. Aldi's is being built in Carrollton at 3044 Old Denton Rd. It's right behind the KFC there in the old Kroger building. It's actually on the corner of Frankford and Old Denton - I believe someone mis-posted the location earlier. It's cheap and without a grocery store in this neighborhood it will be very welcome!