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Jul 29, 2009 10:19 AM

Any cheap food recommendations near my apt in Paris (16th Arr)?

I'll be staying at an apt on Rue de Passy and Rue to Jean Bologne in the 16th arrondissement in Paris on 10/1-10/5.

Can anyone provide suggestions for good local cafes, supermarkets, restaurants, bread and cheese shops, etc?

We'd like to keeps costs low, but are willing to spend more for superior quality.

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  1. It's a very easy neighborhood for food shopping. In the corner of the Passy market is the best fish shop in Paris -- Christophe is the name.

    1. Rue de l'Annonciation is a pedestrian street off the place de Passy (great bistrot there, opposite a McDo), and a permanent market... Top butcher, a cheese "affineur", a bread shop, a charcuterie, vegetables, you name it The Marché de Passy just off the "place" has fantastic products. And if that's not enough, there is a commercial center with a fantastic food store downstairs which links the rue de l'Annonciation to the rue de Passy called Inno Passy (or Passy Plazza). For shopping, just walk the rue de Passy up one side, down the other, you will probably not need to go any further for anything from Monoprix to Guerlain... Try Hediard, 70 Av. Paul Doumer (just round the corner) for special delicacies and spices.
      Le Bistrot des Vignes is always good (1 rue Jean Bologne) and if you turn left from there on teh rue de l'Annonciation, there is a small shop / restaurant that specialises in Foie-gras and confits (cannot remember the name, but easy to find!). Very good bistrot / restaurant also on the corner of rue Lekain and rue Duban, and one of the best Chinese just off the place de Passy on the rue Bois-le-Vent (called Passy Mandarin). Sorry I could write forever about the area... and I am not the only one:

      1. There is a Pizza place, La Matta, on L'Annonciation, which should be a block or so away. Pretty cheap, as I recall, given the location. Also close, Le Bistrot des Vignes has a lunch prix-fixe at around 15E; nice rustic atmosphere.