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Jul 29, 2009 10:15 AM

Mustard seeds in Marin?

Having a difficult time locating mustard seeds in Marin. Have checked TJs, WF, Mollie's, etc...

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  1. Any Indian grocer should have brown mustard seed. Some may have yellow and black as well.

    India Village
    555 Francisco Blvd E # 22, San Rafael, CA

    800 Peachtree St. Suite A, Atlanta, GA 30308

    1. Good Earth in Fairfax has bulk herbs and spices. They have mustard seeds, but I can't remember if they have both yellow and brown.

      1. Malabar Indian will definitly have black mustard seed. Are you looking to cook Indian cuisine?

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          Thanks all. Use them in curried potatoes and cauliflower mainly...

          1. re: Husky

            You want Black Mustard seeds fer sure.

        2. I know either Lucky's or Safeway has yellow mustard seeds in the small-small plastic jars. I get mine from