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who has the worst food in all of texas?

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on my recent visit to dfw my "worst food in all of texas" winner was some chain dump called love and war in texas, fittingly located where you might expect -- at the grapevine mills outlet mall near our hotel. ugh.

this is a smelly bar masqurading as a restaurant.

i ordered the tejas platter to go, took it back to the hotel and regretted every bite of it. "A bordertown feast! A beef enchilada, cheese enchilada, handmade tamale and a soft flour taco, served with Texican Riceā„¢, refried beans and pico de gallo" -- and all of it was bad.

the only reason i went there was because by the time i got back to the hotel everything else was closed. i shoulda got room service instead - heh!

on the bright side it was the only clunker of the whole trip.

* please feel free to add in your own dubious winners...but keep let's try to it light-hearted!

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  1. Few left in existence, but by far the worst to turn a stomach (and this is a horrible childhood memory for all in the DFW area) is Pancho's buffet. Raise the flag for more bad enchiladas, please. I could see a benefit for the place to squelch a hang over, but a good mexican restaurant could do this as well. In that case, Escondido (for the extreme opposite of bad Tex Mex).

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      Oh man, beaten. Pancho's was the very first place that came to mind, I swear I will never eat there again, they've managed to get everything wrong. Definitely horrible memories for all.

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        Ugh, god is that place even still in business? Yuckkkkk.

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          We don't have a Love and War in San Antonio. Yes, pancho's is still around.The only one in SanAntonio is I think over on Marbach. Years ago we ate there at the one on Fredricksburg Rd. which was to us the best.
          Actually I didn't mind it, some place different to go once in awhile.

      2. I had the CFS at the Love and War in Texas in Plano and it was not bad at all. Nothing exceptional by any stretch but no major dings either.

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          I've had lunch there several times and had no issues.

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            I have had their CFS and steaks had no issues with their food.

        2. Maybe the problem with L&WiTX is with the Grapevine location. I was there with a group of about 12 awhile back. I had a strip steak and while it was cooked to a perfect med rare, the quality was terribly tough, not to mention that for this type of dining, over priced. The baked potato could have stood another 1/2 hour in the oven. Overhearing those in my immediate seating area, the fried catfish was reported as pretty good, but the brisket was likened to the proverbial shoe leather and another, having a t-bone, shared my opinion of tough and expensive. It was also strange that we never received any type of bread with the meal - I found that odd for a steak house.

          As we were all leaving and chatting together, it seemed that everyone had a similar experience of less that impressive meals. But it was a Christmas get together, so the good company made up for the not-so-stellar food. Still, not somewhere I'd ever recommend to anyone.

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            I agree that it could be the Grapevine location, I'm with all the other posters and I've never had any problems with the one in Plano.

            1. Patrizio in HPV. HORRIBLE food!

              1. Golden Corral ~ I worked there 3 days in high school..the sickening smell of the place made me unable to return, lol.

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                  Ohhhh Golden Corral, good one! Yuck, my dad calls it the "Golden trough".

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                    Someone told me this week that Golden Corral has had it's last roundup. As in, gone!

                2. In response to the OP's original question: Waco.

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                    Do you remember Waterworks on the Brazos? Waco had a good one for years. Ah, the filet Mankin...

                  2. I also thought of two places that serve terrible, terrible fajitas. Joe T's in Fort Worth and Lupe Tortilla in Houston.

                    All the meats at Joe T's are bland and greasy, there's no flavor whatsoever. It's no more than an overrated tourist trap and the food is about as good as El Fenix. The beef at Lupe Tortilla is never tender, and the consistency can range from extreme mush or something similar to beef jerky.

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                      Looks like Joe T's has improved. Last time I was there, the food tasted like it had been prepared inside a Morton's salt box.

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                        Actually, El Fenix in Plano is good. Un-gussied -up old fashioned Tex Mex comfort food.

                      2. Plato Loco in Cedar Hill. Chips were stale, tortillas had a weird texture, food just greasy. Given that it's expensive and always crowded, I will say Patrizio's is shockingly bad.

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                          I suppose being a real Texan I recall the days back in elementary school where certain days meant certain foods served in the cafeteria. Friday of course was fish day. My first experience with a frozen breaded fish filet that was remarkably like Mickey D's. On Wednesdays it was Mexican day. Not sure why, but it corresponded with El Fenix enchilada day. Today it's 4.99 for the 2 enchilada dinner. It is simple. It is not fancy. It is good. the best? Not by a longshot. But very satisfyingly delicious.

                          Joe T's is horrific. However if plied with enough of their quite awesome margaritas, you wont care. In fact, they will erase any bad experience you have at Joe T's.

                          By the way, I still dream of the home made yeast rolls that were produced by my lunch lady Doris. Amazing woman. Private school cut my public cafeteria days short, but I hold fast to my dreams.

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                            LOL. Now I am completely unable to get Adam Sandler's "Lunch Lady Land" song out of my head. LOL

                        2. Whataburger. Tries to pass off as a special Texas burger. No taste, For a fast service burger try Freddy's or 5 guys.

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                            Another Kansas based burger joint, Freddy's, not good. They take a frozen patty and sear it so flat its see through. No, try again.

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                              I wouldn't put them in the worst food category just because they fall flat on the burger. The custard there is amazing.

                          2. Although they do have some good items - namely the bread and pecan pie - in my opinion, Goode Co in Houston has the absolute worst barbecue in the entire state. Last (and only) time we were there, nobody even wanted to take the (considerable) meat leftovers home for the dog. Awful. Not sure how they stay in business.

                            Guess lots of folks like bread and pecan pie.

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                            1. re: Jaymes

                              Jaymes, your hatred for Goode Company is so predictable, but I totally agree. I can't belive people stand in line for this. I must admonish you however, you should not waste food. Once, I had a coupon for a free quarter pounder with cheese from you know who. It was so disgusting I took two bites annd fed the rest to some stray dogs. Obviously, your dog has better taste.

                              1. re: James Cristinian

                                Well, it's hard for me when I see Mom & Pop joints like Pierson's working so hard to keep their doors open in this economy, while a corporate chain with subpar barbecue skates along thanks to habit, reputation, sides and overpriced souvenirs. I'm just hoping that the next time somebody goes there and thinks, "You know, this isn't really as good as I remember," they'll consider giving another place a try.

                                And although as soon as I read the title a few days back, I got to thinking...where have I recently had my worst meal, and up into my mind popped you know who, you might notice that this thread got 25+ posts before I succumbed to temptation.

                                I'm trying.

                            2. Three Way Tie:
                              On the Border.