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Jul 29, 2009 09:48 AM

Need advice on romantic post proposal restaurant


I was planning on proposing next sunday and afterwards heading to a nice romantic dinner. Problem is that we are both vegetarians and thus kinda limits out choices. Budget is midrange, it would be nice to stay under 60-80 a person. It would be awsome if it was close to michigan ave, right down town but does not have to be.

I looked at Geja's, Spiaggia, and the one on top of john hancock. I like the view of signature room but I am not sure after all the bad reviews of the horrible service.

Any suggestions, this would be a very special day and thus something just perfect would be awsome, at this point I am leaning between Geja's and Spiaggia.


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  1. If this isn't too late, Green Zebra 1460 W Chicago Ave. Probably over that price range for 2 diners with drinks, but you are proposing, cheapskate. Good luck and congrats.

    1. Skip Geja's you'll smell like stale oil for two weeks.
      Spiaggia is way over your price range.
      Signature Room is really just not good.

      North Pond is quite romantic and great food near your price range and will work with you on menu. Are you vegan or lacto-ovo?