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Jul 29, 2009 09:44 AM

Value Pinot Noir at the LCBO - under $15

Looking for suggestions on under $15 value Pinot Noirs at the LCBO. Recently found a fantastic one - Lulu B '07 Pinot Noir, SW France for $12.95. Fabulous fruit and well balanced at a great price.

I'm finding that my palette is starting to veer towards more light-medium bodied wines, had enough of cough syrup. Has anyone else encountered anything worth noting?

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  1. It's is very tricky... errrr... in fact, in my humble opinion, impossible to find a good Pinot Noir for under $15

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    1. re: Non Doctor

      Try Pelee Island Reserve @ $14.95 lightly chilled (16 C ish).

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        Non Doc - Long time no speak - great to see you...last I think I saw you was at the Gardiner opening!

        Say we doubled the budget - what would you suggest?

        If still limited potential - lets say a triple budget.

      2. Yeah, agree with Non Doctor that, for me at least, it's not possible to find a good (i.e., complexed, balanced) Pinot Noir at LCBO for under $15 but I suppose it depends on your taste. Nevertheless, for under $20, you might consider pinots from wineries in Victoria, Australia, such as Yering Station and De Bortoli, or New Zealand such as Kim Crawford.

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          Crawford makes an excellent Sauv Blanc - not too sure about the Pinot though.

        2. I found a fantastic value on the regular shelves that's off the radar-so much so that I hesitate sharing it with everyone! However, the J&F Lurton Pinot Noir "Les Salices" from Languedoc is amazing for it's $11.95 price. It has a strawberry & smoky nose with good concentration and firm tannins-it's kind of a poor man's Beaux Freres or Goldeneye.