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Jul 29, 2009 09:22 AM

Sweet Potato in Chinese Dish???

At House of Nanking in SF they have a dish called Nanking Shrimp (or scallops, etc.) made with Sweet Potato's sliced up and stir fried in a slightly sweet sauce. Anything in NYC that this can be compared to???

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  1. Grand Sichuan's menu has a lot of pumpkin dishes.

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    1. re: kathryn

      Thanks Kathryn - I just did some research - looks like there are a number of GS's in Manhattan - any one in particular??

      1. re: anchovy

        the shredded pumpkin w/ green chilies is yummy

        1. re: Simon

          Are those only hot chilis, no bell peppers? If so, I'll try ordering that dish. (My stomach does OK with chilis but doesn't like bell peppers, especially green ones.)

          1. re: Pan

            hmm, not sure, i haven't ordered the dish in a while...i remember that the chilis/peppers are sort of shredded into the dish (i.e. no big pieces and fairly small amount compared to the pumpkin, but it's possible there is green pepper in it...i'd say give it a shot...

        2. re: anchovy

          The 24th Street/Chelsea branch usually comes out on top with the most fans.

      2. Grand Sichuan St Marks used to have a delicious dish of sauteed sliced sweet potatoes with ginger and scallion. Sadly, they no longer make it, though they do make steamed pumpkin that way, and it's good.