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Jul 29, 2009 09:17 AM

Best pub food in Mississauga/Oakville

Looking for a pub/bar that also serves up great food..any suggestions?

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  1. Clarkson Pump & Patio, in Mississauga, has yummy food! They're on the south side of Lakeshore Road where Clarkson Road ends. Closest exits off QEW to get there: Erin Mills Parkway if you're coming from the west and Mississauga Road from the east.

    They have an awesome patio too. :) The crowd tends to be mid-twenties + or families.

    1. Montfort's is good if your in a pinch... Nice enough bar, a patio, and can't go wrong with shawarma or montfort pineapple chicken

      i go to the hurontario / bristol rd. location

      1. Belfast Lounge at Dixie & Eglinton. Huge portions. It's a lunch place mostly, not a lot of a dinner crowd.