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Jul 29, 2009 09:03 AM

Porcelain coated cast iron grates

Have a grill with the porcelain coated cast iron grates, two seasons in, the coating is wearing off and the cast iron rusts. Two seasons? I do use it a lot, but come on. Is there any salvaging the grates, ie sanding down the cast iron and seasoning? So far it is only on one side, but I'm sure that won't be the case very much longer.

Any one have any advice on how they've handled this?

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  1. Not to be a smart ass, but the same happened to me and I ended up trading to a grill with stainless grates. My cousin (who took the other grill off my hands) had a custom fabricator that does work for him weld up a set of grates that will outlast all of us.


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      you aren't a smart are correct. I should have paid more for a better grill with stainless....I mostly use my trusty old Webber on the weekends, but I needed a gasser for work nights....guess I got what I paid for. But I sure as hell ain't paying 90 plus bucks for replacements for a 300 dollar grill. I was hoping if someone knew if I could take the trusty Dremel to the grates, do some magic....and bring out just the cast iron. Guess next time I'll have to pony up the money and go for a better grill....I just hate to for the week day horse.

    2. This happened to the grates on my Bosch range. Enamel was chipping off after less than a year. Called Bosch and the first call was unproductive. Called a second time and got a fantastic guy who sent me plain cast iron, no enamel, grates, free of charge. The grates are great and no more finding bits of enamel everywhere. So call the manufacturer, perhaps they have non enamel ones for your grill.

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        thanks for the reply Boston......I think I just got what I paid for....I don't imagine Char-Broil sending me cast iron replacements....