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Jul 29, 2009 08:24 AM

Official Miami Spice 2009 Thread

No, Frod didn't die and make me king. I just noticed that the list is up and it's a pretty big one this year. I won't be here most of August, but with such a large list it would be nice if any of us taking advantage of Spice this year could let the rest know if they had a good experience or more of what has become the same old.

I haven't looked through most of the menus yet, but kudos to Neomi's Grill for putting something fun and different together.

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  1. I can't wait to see what all the Hakkasan hype is all about for $35!

    1. Here's some quickies:

      BLT Steak
      Get the whole BLT Steak treatment (chix liver, popovers)
      Miami Spice menu presented with regular menu
      Menu choices are good, (gnudi is fried though which I didn't expect)

      Entrees aren't entrees, they're a la carte so you must order sides (which are good, but run around $10 so three sides is almost as much as dinner)
      Sauces are offered with no price on the menu but appear on bill at $3 a pop. No big deal, but they should tell you beforehand.
      Would recommend.

      Great service
      Menu choices are excellent, inlcuding the spaghetti w/tomato and basil
      Spice menu is within regular menu
      Valet is free thru 9/30!
      Can't really think of any
      Highly recommend.

      1. I had my first Paradigm dinner in Neomi's this past Friday, which was an amazing dining experience, excellently done and nowhere near "test" level as far as I was concerned. When the chefs came out at the end they wholeheartedly invited us to come back and try their Spice menu. To have a restaurant embrace and promote the spice menu was such a breath of fresh air when compared to some places that seemingly post their menus reluctantly.

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        1. re: Icantread

          The lobster is unreal. I recommend trying this place for Spice. Its not every day that a restaurant puts lobster on a $35 prix fixe menu.

          I went to Hakkasan last night with the intentions of ordering off the Miami Spice menu. When I got there and looked at it (after having to ask for it) it just didnt inspire me much. I guess I just wasnt in the mood for those 2 main choices. Ordered of the regular menu and thought the food was very, very good, albeit very pricey in some areas. The decor of the place is probably my favorite in all of Miami/Miami Beach. Absolutely stunning.

        2. OK, I have given the Spice menus the once-over, and here is my potential "hit list" ->

          There's a few places I haven't tried yet - Hakkasan, Gotham - a few I've tried the regular restaurant and liked - Scarpetta, Bourbon Steak, BLT Steak, Petite Rouge, - some intriguing menus - Neomi's, Area 31's "sustainable dinner" - and some old favorites like Michy's (which is a relatively new participant to the Spice thing).

          1. Sra Martinez

            Comes with salad and your choice of two tapas + dessert, all a subset of the main menu Waitress was not the best. She brought the salads and mixed up the ones for two in our party. When we told her she said "Oh, I thought you were all sharing". The salads were small and not enough to share. My charred fava bean salad was lacking (I don't expect a fava bean salad to be predominantly fava beans, but if you're going to name the salad after the fava beans there should be more than 4 in it, and the blood orange somehow got the True Blood treatment and was the color of a plain orange). Crispy artichokes were awful as the tender heart was destroyed by tough outer leaves that weren't removed. Pork belly with watermelon was good, but it's a takeoff of pork belly watermelon salad that's everywhere now. Untraditional Patatas bravas, ordered in addition to Spice, used the adjective Untraditional as an excuse to give you four tiny potato skins and charge $9 for them. They somehow took potato skins and rolled them into tiny almost balls and filled them with a weak huancaina sauce. Croquettes likewise are ridiculously small for $11. Butifarra, ordered in addition to Spice, was delicious and I'd take advantage of the pimientos de padron while they're in season.

            Don't think I'd go back as I'm finding Sra. Martinez a bit of a rip. I don't think $150 for two people for tapas is right, and these tapas aren't extraordinarily better than what I'd get at Xixon or other tapas places around the country.

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            1. re: lax2mia

              I agree with you on the rip comment. I think the place is very good, but it is so overpriced for those tapas!

              1. re: yomyb

                I also agree with the rip comment. $150 for tapas for two people is totally outrageous. There wine is also obscenely over priced. She charges $55 for bottles of wine that I have seen in the store for $14. I find the markup to be excessive. I think Michelle B is laughing all the way to the bank with this place.

              2. re: lax2mia

                I agree L2M. Sra Martinez jumped the shark for me the night we had a Chowdown there. That meal was mediocre at best and the few I had after were worse.