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Jul 29, 2009 08:19 AM

Thumann's Hot Dogs Iin Voorhees NJ

Does anyone know where I can buy Thumann's hot dogs in the Voorhees, Cherry Hill NJ area?

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  1. Call them first to make sure, but I think I've seen that name at the Wegman's in Warrington PA. Perhaps NJ Wegman's carry them too.

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    1. re: janmcbaker

      Try Arnie's Gourmet Meat Market in the Centrum shopping center on Haddonfield-Berlin Rd. Across from Winner Ford. They used to carry them; haven't checked lately. Also, the Shop Rite in CH; I have seen them there in the past.

      1. re: mschow

        Called Wegman's and looked online at Shop Rite neither carry them. Called Arnie's and they have them. I actually live in Ct. but my Mother in law lives in Voorhees. She's visiting this weekend, so she will pick up a couple of packages for me. There used to be a hot dog place in my area that served them but it closed. Thanks for the information.

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          The place that served them was Rosco's Big Dog. I know the owner and he hopes to open again. There is a supermarket in Connecticut that sells Thumann's. I'll look for it and post back.

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            Yes, it was Rosco's. I got the name Thumann's from your previous post. I used to go when they were on Franklin Ave., still don't understand why they would move to the center of Hartford. Too hard to get to. Well I got 2 packages of the "blue" type. Will try them this week. Packages are pretty big. About 14 hot dogs per.

    2. Costco carries a 5 lb pack of the Pork hot dogs My favorite according to their site there is one in Mount Laurel

      1. Glad you found them. I also love that hot dog and they are hard to find in this part of S Jersey, along with Thumanns cold cuts. There isn't a single grocery store chain in the area that sells Thumanns deli products, for some strange reason (I have emailed them in the past for this info). BTW: tell your MIL that Arnie's is a great place for meat and prepared, ready to cook products. They also have fresh mozzarella that is just delicious daily.

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          I saw them at the Pathmark I shop at in Monmouth County. Happened to be on sale this week.

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            My MIL lives about 3 miles from Arnie's. She didn't even know they were there. She was impressed with the store, I am sure she will be back. Thanks again for the info.

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              Primo Hoagies uses Thumanns cold cuts, and their hoagies are delish. The online menu doesn't specify, but when you're in the store, it looks like you can buy cold cuts by the pound.
              (sorry, this has nothing to do with hot dogs!