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Jul 29, 2009 08:17 AM

Agraria Farmers and Fishers, Good?

I am thinking about going this Saturday for lunch. Has anyone been? Your thoughts?


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  1. I went early this year - my summary post is currently the last in this thread:

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    1. I think it is good for normal things. Not uber creative, but solid, I think. We take people who eat safer than we do there because there is always good chicken, and a steak and fish option, so for picky dinners it can be a good choice. Would I eat there frequently? Probably not, but I like it from time to time. I also like that it is quiet enough you can have a nice conversation on business lunch.

      1. I think they make a lot of their breads in house; and they are yummy. I've had the roasted veggie pizza (split with co-worker) and it was sufficient for 2 for lunch. I agree with ktmoomau, it isn't too loud & good for conversation.

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