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Agraria Farmers and Fishers, Good?

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I am thinking about going this Saturday for lunch. Has anyone been? Your thoughts?


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  1. I went early this year - my summary post is currently the last in this thread:

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    1. I think it is good for normal things. Not uber creative, but solid, I think. We take people who eat safer than we do there because there is always good chicken, and a steak and fish option, so for picky dinners it can be a good choice. Would I eat there frequently? Probably not, but I like it from time to time. I also like that it is quiet enough you can have a nice conversation on business lunch.

      1. I think they make a lot of their breads in house; and they are yummy. I've had the roasted veggie pizza (split with co-worker) and it was sufficient for 2 for lunch. I agree with ktmoomau, it isn't too loud & good for conversation.

        1. I went there on my birthday two months ago (May 31), and it was awful. I don't even remember what I ordered, it was not memorable. What was memorable was my friend's entree: King crab legs. He got a plate of them, with nothing else -- so sides, no sauce, nothing. They were not cracked, and no utensils were provided to crack them, he had no way to get the meat out. The service was bad generally, and abysmal when he asked for something to crack the crab legs with or if not, what the heck he was supposed to do with them? They had no answer, nor did they offer to replace it with something edible. It was just unreal. Yeah, they said they were in the process of "revamping" under new mgmt, but it was so totally unacceptable I hope that new mgmt is now ex-mgmt.

          The only up-side was the great people-watching from our outside table.