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Jul 29, 2009 08:13 AM

Good Thai on the UWS

Meeting some friends from out of town who are staying at a hotel on the UWS. They are looking for good Thai. Any suggestions?

Also, they are also looking for BBQ in that area but dont want to travel up to Dinosaur in Harlem. Any recs for BBQ would also be appreciated.

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  1. while i have only eaten at their UES location Land thai is excellent thai food. (amsterdam and 82nd is the west side location)

    It's incredibly simple to get up to dinosaur from the UWS, by trains, bus, cab, or even foot (depending how upper west they are), and the minimal effort required is well worth the payoff in quality over anyting you would get closer to their hotel

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    1. re: thew

      Second Land. Good food and well-priced. Definitely your best bet on UWS.

      Also second dinosaur. It isn't nearly as difficult to get to as people think (the train is very simple) and doesn't take long. Alternatively, you could go to Daisy May's in Hells Kitchen, although I think Dinosaur has the far better taste/cost ratio.

      1. re: lnedrive14

        Gosh, I'm not familiar with Land Thai but the positive reviews here make me want to visit soon.

        What's good there? These dishes caught my eye from the on-line menu:

        starters -
        chicken wraps
        crispy calamari
        vegetable dumplings

        spicy beef salad

        "Tom Yum Goong" soup

        various wok dishes

        sides -
        pea tendrils

    2. I agree w/ Land, or their sibling Thai Market (Amsterdam and 108th), although that may be too far north for you. If you can't make it to Dinosaur (which is the better option), I think Rack and Soul (Bway and 109) is owned by the same people as Mobay, and it's perfectly decent. I think it also delivers.

      1. Land is decent - but it's a tiny place. I'll throw out Bar Bao - while it's more Vietnamese than Thai, it's very good and has a bit more atmoshphere.

        Agree with everyone on dinosaur - worth the trip. Very easy trip from the UWS.

        1. Definitely agree about Land Thai. Note that if you want to eat at a peak time you can expect to wait - not sure if they accept reservations.

          1. Agree with everyone here. Land is great and cheap, Bar Bao is also very nice with a little more price involved (and Vietnamese as well).

            Last and certainly not least, go up to Dino BBQ, and quickly. Rack and Soul is also solid, but if you've gone that far up, why not go the distance...