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Jul 29, 2009 08:02 AM

ISO - Billy Bee Honey Barbecue Sauce

Any one know of any stores in the GTA that carry this? Originally it was easy to find; then it became harder, A&P used to have it then, then I could only find it in Longo's. Went to the store on Bayview / York mIlls yesterday and was out of luck there too!

It's the only sauce that my wife is fond of :(

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  1. just call or e-mail the company and ask them where you can get it.

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    1. re: goodhealthgourmet

      Done that yesterday! Am waiting for a reply. I know when I had tried that a few years back their answers was most unhelpful

      1. re: Spelunk

        If you do receive a response, Spelunk, would you be kind enough to post it here? I'm very curious myself as to where to find this product. Thanks!

      2. re: goodhealthgourmet

        A friend pointed me to this thread -->

        From it I see a few things

        1: Billy Bee Honey Products, maker of Canada's leading brand of honey, has been bought by McCormick & Co., a Maryland-based spice and seasonings giant, for $75 million US.

        2: The author wrote "McCormick called me back - the product has been discontinued. If it's still in stores, it's old stock but won't be replenished"

        So guess I am out of luck!

        1. re: Spelunk

          Billy Bee was a unique Canadian company, started by Jack Grossman who died last year. I met him a few times when I delivered honey from S.W. Ontario, a summer job in the 1960's. I have always been perplexed by the name "Billy Bee", because the work in the bee colonies is done by female bees.

          I never tried the BBQ sauce, but Billy Bee has not been especially good for its honey offerings. Since the 1960's, they have blended light Canadian honey with much cheaper, and darker bulk honey from the Caribbean and South America. Most of their products won't granulate, because of several processing steps (pasteurization, and ultra-filtering) that are unnecessary for safety, and detract from flavor.

          Despite that, I wish I had been able to try the BBQ sauce; Billy Bee mustard is still available at Metro and Highland Farms. Perhaps not for long.

      3. Not in the GTA, but Lucky Moose at Beverly and Dundas by the AGO downtown has a few types of Billy Bee sauces. I remember seeing the teriyaki sauce and there's a good bet that they'll have the honey barbecue sauce too.

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        1. re: e_minor

          try the food building at the Cne in a few weeks

        2. This was a great sauce for chicken and ribs if you like the sweet not smokey kind (which I do)

          I know 100% for sure they used to sell it at Highland Farms at Hurontario & Matheson

          I'll let you know next time I'm there if I see it

          1. Actually, you're just in time for the CNE. I vividly remember that the Billy Bee Honey Company had a concession stand in the food building at the Exhibition. Most of their products were sold there but I haven't been to the Ex in a while so I'm not sure what you'll find when you get there. If the Ex isn't your cup of tea then try contacting the company online or by phone to see where they sell the product. Most businesses are very helpful with respect to finding out where to buy their products.

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            1. re: Abbeshay

              Abbeshay and bruceter, the company has been sold, the supply exhausted, and the new owners not interested. All this in the first few posts.

              1. re: jayt90

                Right , sorry. A nostalgic stupor I remain in )

            2. The Rabba Fine Foods at Queen's Quay and Rees Street had several bottles of the Billy Bee Honey Garlic BBQ sauce. Not sure if this is the one you're looking for or not...

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