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ISO harissa (to purchase, not a Baraka rec)

I love collecting new sauces, pastes, spice blends and what not, and have recently been interested in delving into Moroccan cooking.

Does anyone know where I can buy harissa in the Boston / Cambridge area? I don't have a car, so it would need to reasonably accessible via train, bus and/or walking. Any ideas?

And beyond that, and must try Moroccan recipes for someone new to it?


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  1. there are several middle-eastern grocers on blackmarket st., where the haymarket vendors set up, and they all sell harissa for short money. haymarket stop on green or orange line, aquarium or government center on blue line.

    recipes are better requested on the home cooking board.

    1. I have found very small cans of harissa at the River Street Whole Foods. Wildly overpriced, admittedly, but perhaps WF is an option that is convenient for you.

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        Most WF carry Harissa du Cap Bon

      2. Way easy to make, and I am sure you can flex on what chillies you use:


        I am sure Arax and Seven in Watertown both have it as well.

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          and that syrian grocer in the south end, near the franklin, but his hours are unpredictable.

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            Next door to Formaggio. I love that place but the hours are very odd.

        2. Gypsy Kitchen on Hancock Street in Quincy sells it in tubes.

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          1. I concur on Arax or Sevan, but they are in a sort of driving location...

            Christina's Spices in Inman might as well..

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              Arax and Sevan (and Massis) are very easy to reach by way of the #71 bus out of Harvard Square.

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                There are about a dozen brands at Arax!

            2. I've found little cans of harissa around at many supermarkets, though tubes sound like a longer-keeping version for something you generally don't use a lot of at once. I imagine Sofra would sell it fresh. Syrian Grocery Importing Co. is purportedly open 11:30a-6:30p Tu-Sa, but I don't think he keeps super-regular hours. Homemade isn't that hard.


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                i usually get the little tins at haymarket. what i don't use, i portion into tablespoon size (about) and freeze. keeps forever this way.

              2. I like this brand:
                and I've seen it at Williams Sonoma, but it's not cheap.

                1. I fell in love with Moroccan food when I traveled to Morocco. My go-to recipes are Moroccan meatball tagine and fish chermoula.

                  These recipes are in most Moroccan cook books. Chicken tagine with preserved lemons and olives is also a great one.