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Jul 29, 2009 06:49 AM

Stoughton Recomendations

Friends are moving to Stoughton from Lowell. I visit them 5 or so times a year. I am looking for any and all recommendations for places to check out in the area. Are there any "must see" locations? My tastes are varied but I deffinitly have a soft spot for good deli's and my friends love Italian. But all recommendations for all meals of the day will be appreciated, and eventually checked out. Information about other towns close by is appreciated also.

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  1. Stoughton doesn't have a whole lot to offer, but my favorite in town is probably Cheng Du, which is right in the center and serves a nice mix of authentic and more Americanized Chinese cuisine. Maxie's, which is near the Stoughton/Canton/Sharon border just off Route 27 has good deli food. Some people really like the pizza at Town Spa, but I think they have gone downhill.

    Nearby are some very good restaurants in Randolph, including the Lynwood (some of the best bar pizza in the Boston area) and Malai, which looks like a bit of a dump but is pretty nice inside and serves good Thai food.

    1. Some of the best Italian in the area is only 5-10 minutes from Stoughton in Randolph. Cafe Bella; food is great, attitude; not so much.

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        Second Caffe Bella. For something a little more moderate in price, with good (not "special occasion" level good) Italian, nice bread basket/bean dip, fun atmosphere, and friendly folks, I have to suggest LaStoria--right on 138.

        My sister lives a 1/4 mile away, so this is her (and our families' when we are all around) go-to place for reliable casual dining. I know it does not get a lot of love here, but if LaStoria were right around the corner from me, I'd be there all the time.