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Jul 29, 2009 06:43 AM

Himalayan Bistro - What to order?

I am going here for my first time on Friday and the menu looks huge, is there any dish here that they do especially well that I can't order anywhere else?

Also - do they serve beer/liquor/wine?

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  1. Aloo Tama is the national dish of Nepal, and HB does a quite nice rendition of it. It's a mild flavored black-eye-pea soup, with potatoes, and fermented bamboo shoots. The fermented bamboo gives it a kind of "funky" weird taste, but I grew up eating it and think it's awesome. :)

    Another very typical Nepali dish are the momos. Little, chicken-filled wonton dumplings, served with a spicy tomato achar on the side. Pretty tasty.

    My only thing with HB is that I find it too expensive.

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      I found the Aloo Bodi Tama (same dish?) too bland, so I mixed in some of the Rayo ko Saag (mustard greens with chili and cumin) and spooned on dollops of the onion chutney from the papadum platter to give it a needed boost.

      Much better, I thought, was the Aloo ko Achar appetizer: potatoes cooked with sesame paste, mustard seeds and other spices and served at room temperature, skewered with plastic swords. Definitely a nice delayed kick.

      The Akbari Kabab (an occasional special) is as tasty as it is unusual: two chicken breast halves stuffed with cheese and mint and serve with a mild tomato-ey sauce (as for tikka masala) on the side.

    2. they do serve beer & wine.

      I go there pretty often. I've never had anything @ hb I didn't like. I think the meat dishes really shine, especially lamb. There's usually a saffron lamb curry special which is delicious. Though the Nepali stuff would seem to be their specialty, their standard Indian stuff like tandoori chicken, biryanis, etc. are all solid. I like the veg stuff, though servings of veg dishes are pretty small, though. Other than that, can't really go wrong.

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        I prefer the veggie momos to the meat ones. They are light and with Indian spices and you get 8 of them! I've found the lamb dishes delicious - not the leaden pressure-cooked lamb of so many Indian restaurants. The lamb was moist, tender and flavorful. The Aloo ko Achar was tasty, but the crunchy mustard seed was a bit off-putting. We try one Nepali dish each time and I've liked them all. They also have frothy drinks, like pistachio, that look like lassi but aren't made with yogurt so are much lighter. The drink had lots of pistachio pieces, in the Indian style, which the husband loved. Vegetable dishes fresh, bread soft, sauces tasty - we love this place. Add in the frequent-diner program and the fact they sent me a $15 coupon for my birthday and it is our fave casual dinner place.

      2. The Banto ko tarkari (eggplant dish from the Himalayan part of the menu) is amazing. Order it spicy!