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Jul 29, 2009 06:27 AM

Rincon Limeno - Eastie

Galangatron & I had lunch here last Sat. G suggested ordering the app, Crema De Rocoto, which I'd never tried before and, boy, am I glad we did. G's descrip: "CDR is made with sliced boiled yellow potatoes covered in sauce of pureed rocoto peppers (a hot red pepper from peru), evaporated milk, cheese, tons of garlic & a few other things". This was served at room temp. I will always order this in the future - the sauce was to die for. Wedges of 2 fresh limes were also provided, along with RL's pungent bright orange, garlicky sauce & the milder light green ?avocado sauce. Another fav we had to order was the Arroz Chaufa de Carne o Pollo. This is just the fluffiest, lightest, most flavorful rice dish I have ever had, and we never would have tried it if Autopi hadn't suggested it at another lunch. It is just bursting with roasted nuggets of pollo a la brasa, beef/pork, veggies, soft cooked scrambled egg, etc. I was the happy recipient of the leftovers on this one & it reheated beautifully. We also tried the Bistek a la Criolla for the 1st time - a thin piece of medium/well steak covered w/sauteed peppers, tomatoes, onions, cilantro w/a timbale of plain rice. It was ok, but wouldn't order this again. To finish up, we had another fav, Mazzamora Morada, of which nothing was left. Can't wait to go back when more peeps are in town for their amazing cerviche, etc.

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  1. Dang - sounds great, Taralli. Thanks for the post.
    The Arroz Chaufa sounds a little bit like a Latin fried rice?

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    1. re: Bob Dobalina

      B, it is like a LFR, but much lighter, maybe from a Chinese influence in Peru?

      1. re: Taralli

        That's a really interesting thought. Maybe Japanese? Alberto Fujimori was the former president of Peru...

      2. re: Bob Dobalina

        chifa is peruvian style chinese food. it was created by chinese immigrants in lima's chinatown (barrio chino)

        rincon limeno features a few chifa dishes on the menu (arroz chaufa, lomo saltado, tallarin saltado, etc) but i wish there was an actual chifa restaurant in boston. or at least a peruvian restaurant with a larger chifa menu

      3. went with a friend on a hot day and ordered the ceviche to start. it was killer good and the two of us were so full after that, [well, ok, plus 2 beers) we didn't have room for anything else! can't wait to go back.

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        1. we were seated at the last table in the back, so could see all the food going out. anybody have that whole fish? how is it done? it looked golden and delicious...

          1. So love this place. I was interviewed recently and cited Rincón Limeño as my "best meal under $15", since so many dishes are sharable. The aji de gallina is also amazing, and the jalea is one of my favorite fried-seafood platters in Boston. Love that slightly greasy lomo saltado, too. Can't say I'm crazy about the Cristal lager, but you can tell your friends you went out last night and had two bottles of Cristal, which *sounds* very extravagant.


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            1. re: MC Slim JB

              That Jalea platter is gigantic. The cerviches are also large, as was the Arroz Chaufa de Carne o Pollo. In fact, many of their dishes would feed at least 3. Great place to eat family style

              1. re: Taralli

                I'm long overdue for a return trip. For anyone who hasn't been, here's a few pics so you get a feel for some of the dishes..great place!


                1. re: 9lives

                  I think the interior remodeling has happened since that visit; the place looks much nicer inside these days! Also must mention the imported alfajores here, great cookies (from someone who doesn't much get excited about cookies).


            2. Quick note abut the T !! for August -

              The Blue Line is being worked on - Still simple as could be!o Get off at Airport, cross over the tracks to the Inbound side, and exit there. (Google map the walking directions - abt 7 minutes - if that! - to Day Square! Rincon Limeno and Taqueria Jalisco)

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                1. re: fredid

                  Speaking of this, fredid or galangatron have you tried the restaurant which took over the Taqueria Michocan space in Orient Heights a while back? Looks like a small Peruvian restaurant or did it already change again??

                  1. re: itaunas

                    it's a peruvian restaurant now?

                    i went last year when it first opened. at that time it was a mexican restaurant and taqueria called fiesta mexicana. the food was decent and the service was very warm and friendly. i never returned because there are better options in the area

                    1. re: galangatron

                      That was what it looked like earlier this year (some peruvian with mexican) and I tried to check last week while driving by, but was moving too fast and couldn't even tell if it was open at the time. Was it painted red as fiesta mexico?? (I would guess possibly not since red is one of the colors of the peruvian flag/soccer uniform.)

                      1. re: itaunas

                        i don't remember if the exterior was red but the interior was virtually the same as taqueria michocan. right down to the autographed poster of selena

                    2. re: itaunas

                      It was a solely Peruvian place for about a month, back in May. They never changed the sign, but put a Peruvian flag up in the window. Never got to try anything beyond the tamales and chicharron sandwich one Sunday for breakfast. Both were very good. The owners were very nice. The husband was from Pisco, about 2 hours south of Lima. The wife, who was the main cook, was willing to go off the menu, which had my father very excited. Interestingly, the son told me that they used to have dinners in their basement on Sundays, but that someone called the health department. He said that they own the house next door to Frio Rico and that they rent that space to Frio Rico's owner. Its a shame the place didn't last. That location is an absolute restaurant graveyard.