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Jul 29, 2009 05:53 AM

Vintage 51 coming to South Riding

This is a spin-off of Vintage 50 in Leesburg, which I have long wanted to try and now won't have to since I live so close to where Vintage 51 will be.

So, what's the word on Vintage 50? They must be doing pretty well, but is the food any good?

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  1. When I visited I found the food no better than your average Applebees and their beer insipid.

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    1. re: Trip Klaus

      That's not been my experience there (though I can't speak for the beer)...
      We've been several times. It's not my top restaurant in Leesburg, but the last couple of times I've been have been good - definitely improved in the last year or so. I had a short rib dish last winter that was was homey, almost stew-like. Delicious and perfect for a winter meal.

      1. re: Trip Klaus

        I would hardly call Bill Madden's stuff insipid. I like the Kolsch among others and he's won at least half a dozen medals for his brews. Cant wait for the Mad Fox to open. As for the food, I have eaten brunch there and it was pretty good.

      2. I had one beer which was not drinkable and they gave me another one - can't recall the name. Wife had the dark beer - the Bells Porter, tasted like dunkle from Germany. She gives it 10 thumbs up! We were having our Friday after work drink and tried the chicken wings - they were quite good. Not your normal bar wings, much better.

        We are returning in 2 weeks for dinner - the menu looks quite good. There is a cheese fondue appetizer, steak frites, pot roast and a berry cobbler with gelato plus some other yummies. They are going to have 24 gelato flavors soon.

        1. I agree with the previous poster about the food... average at best. The beer, however, is fab.

          1. I've been to Vintage 51 twice now. Each time the beer has been off the chart great! I had the pork tenderloin the 1st time and it was good. They're definitely more "european" on the portion sizes, but I do like the fact that the produce is all local. For me that makes up for the portion size and price. The Muscles appetizer is amazing. I got it as a meal my 2nd time there. At only $9, I felt it was a good deal. Overall, I'm very pleased with the joint and will definitely be going back once they have their full menu available.

            1. We actually just went last night (9/2/09). Had a terrific meal and the beer was great. The cheese fondue app is ADDICTIVE, we actually told the waiter we think they should make it a larger portion. I had the trout with mustard greens which was done very well and hubby had the pork tenderloin which he practically licked clean. Other diners had the crabmeat cheesecake and seafood stew which were also excellent. Service was terrific, we had a very friendly and helpful waiter. I definitely hope this place hangs in there and continues to improve, we REALLY need another option besides Ruby Tuesday for general continental cuisine here in South Riding.