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Jul 29, 2009 05:06 AM

Bloomers Bistro (Malta) - Review

We went last night. After no Bloomers for 2 months we are so happy they have reopened. The soft open was timed to coincide with Michael Bloomfield's (American blues musician) birthday and the energy and the spirit of the place was unchanged. Linda (and the new general manager) were on hand to make sure everyone had a good dining experience and get feedback. Michael was missed and we look forward to seeing him next time. Now on to the food:

I looked at the new menu while SO selected a wine for dinner. Unfortunately they were out of Stag's Leap, but SO selected another fine Sonoma wine.


*Calamari with scallions and pepperocini- cooked perfectly, a touch heavy on the breading and light on the pepperocini. Not quite the same as the version we are addicted to but very good.
*Spinach salad with beets, goat cheese and ? vinaigrette - simple, fresh, delicious.

Bread service arrived a little late. Same warm bread fresh from the oven :)


I have been craving fried chicken and Bloomers had it on the menu. There was no seafood special of the day. I was torn between fried chicken and the duck.

*Duck breast with citrus coconut glaze and rice, crispy carrot (thin, fried) - at first glance this combination did not sound appealing. It was very good. Duck was cooked perfectly (I ordered it medium). I would probably order it medum rare next time. The carrots were so good!

*Tuna au poivre - SO had the tuna rare. It was reminiscent of Union Square Cafe's tuna "filet mignon." I had a taste and it was very good. the mashed potatoes were delicious.


There were only 3 desserts (creme brulee, strawberry shortcake and ?). We ordered espresso and went with the strawberry shortcake and it did not disappoint.

*Strawberry shortcake - does it get any better then this in the summertime? Fresh whipped cream, strawberries and a delicious and surprising cornbread biscuit.

Looks like Bloomers is off to a very good start. On a service note, Bloomers has an entirely new staff including a general manager. Once they get some more Stag's Leap in, the next priority should be training the new, inexperienced staff. We missed having an experienced server like Patrick. Also, the website needs to be updated to reflect the new menu.

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  1. We went to Bloomers again last night. This time with friends visiting from NYC.

    Bloomers was really lively, bar crowd was good. As a reminder the back dining room is further away from the bar.

    We had some Stag's Leap as we looked at the menu and thought about the specials. Now on to the food:


    There were a few specials that were hard to pass on like the mushroom soup and watermelon and ? soup with creme fraiche. Maybe next time :)

    *Oyster special - I'm not a big oyster person but have gotten pretty good at sucking them down. Shared these with my SO and friends. Very fresh.
    *Calamari - more pepperocini than last time, still a signature dish it's hard for us not to order every time we go
    *Mixed green salad

    Warm bread fresh out of the oven :)


    *Veal and crab special - my SO got this and loved it. The presentation was gorgeous with the crab legs standing up inside the veal. The mashed potatoes also had crab in them. I got to taste more mashed potatoes with crab and some of the crab leg.

    *Lobster special with corn on the cob and mashed potatoes with lobster - delicious. I only got a taste because my friend got the last one. She really enjoyed this dish. She raved about the mashed potatoes with lobster in them. One minor thing, she had to send it back to get it warmed up a bit. Hopefully they''ll have this special for a few more days.

    *Fried chicken with potato salad - I had planned to get the lobster special and didn't want to get another seafood entree or have the duck again so I went with the fried chicken. Skin was crispy and good. Potato salad was chunky, red new potatoes just like I like it. Probably wouldn't get it again now that my recent craving for fried chicken is over.

    *Steak - my friend's husband got the steak. He is pretty particular about how his steak is cooked (medium+, Pittsburg sear on outside) and a simple eater. Eventually he was very happy with how it was cooked. We appreciate our server's patience, his ability to communicate our friend's preferences to the chef/kitchen and their talent to get it perfect.


    *Strawberry shortcake - SO and I couldn't resist getting this dessert again :)
    *Chocolate mousse - out friends had this and it disappeared quite quickly. I had a taste.
    *Lemon trifle with fresh blueberries - compliments of the house. We were told that a lemon dessert was added at a customer's request. Very light and refreshing.

    On a service note, our server was excellent and it was only his second night. He was very knowledgeable about the menu. Our server had one no red meat eater (luckily he has a vegan in his life), one no fish, one gluten free, two no dairy eaters . . . We appreciated having an experienced server and it added to the enjoyment of our meal.

    1. Thanks for your review of Bloomers. We stopped in the area on our way to Montreal and tried it. Very happy with our choice. Tomato sauce on pasta was fresh and sweet. You must have great tomatoes here. Lamb with figs and spinach was a wonderful combination. After lunch and dessert at CIA, we weren't very hungry. This was perfect. We look forward to coming back on our way home.

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        yahooer, thanks for the report. Glad you had a good experience. We just got back from a weekend in Montreal (my first time there). One of the things I like about Bloomers is you can have a full dinner or just sit at the bar and have a glass of wine and some apps.

        1. re: financialdistrictresident

          . . . and I ended up doing just that last night. Had a glass of Malbec and a "special" salad with in house, cured duck prosciutto, cucumbers, cantalope and a port vinaigrette. Delicious.

      2. Went to Bloomer's twice this week. For a quick, early dinner at the counter (small salad, tuna carpaccio, salmon with a chili glaze, spinach and basamati rice . . .and homemade orange sherbert w/cranberry and a brownie garnish for dessert) and for a private event.

        We were welcomed by Brian and a pour of Proseco (San Simone Il Concerto, Italy, 2006).

        Now on to the food:

        *Brie in pastry with almonds, etc. - delicious.
        I believe this or the next course was accompanied with a dry riesling (Schadler Pfalz, Germany, Trocken riesling 2007). More on the wine later.

        *Two squash and apple soup - the cappucino like presentation with a cinnamon stick on the side was perfect. Simple, very good. One of my favorites of the evening.

        *House cured duck breast prosciutto salad. Have had this before. Had it in summer with cantalope, had it last night with dried fruits . . . One of my favorites.

        *Grilled pesto marinated shrimp crostini. This course made me glad I didn't eat any carbs earlier. Devoured the crostini. The grilled crostini with shrimp, pesto, artichokes was very good.

        *Baked lobster "mac and cheese." Not sure what it was about this dish, but is was my least favorite. Maybe I was just getting full? Someone said too many breadcrumbs. I didn't care for the penne pasta. I had mac and cheese with crab at another restaurant last week and it underwhelmed me too . . . Maybe I'm just too partial to the mac and cheese with gnocchi, cheese/cream and truffles I make at home?

        *Sweet chile lime mint sorbet - our palate cleanser. Surprising, light, refreshing, spicy and cool at the same time. Loved this! This will be recreated at home :)

        *Pan seared grouper fillet with herb chili polenta and fire roasted corn relish. Very good. One of my favorites. A lot going on with the palate. The vinegar of the corn relish and chili flavors with the sweet, tender grouper, creamy polenta - lots of different textures . . .very good. Two spicy courses in a row, I'm a happy girl.

        *Grilled hangar steak with mashed potatoes and traditional bernaise sauce - I'm a non-red meat eater so I passed on this course. It looked very good and only one full person left theirs behind. Very popular at our table.

        *Vanilla bean creme brulee with homemade whipped cream - traditional, excellent.

        More on the wine pairings:

        *Morande, Chile, Reserva Sauvignon Blanc, 2007 - my favorite white of the evening, light and fruity.
        *Valpolicella, Pavan, Italy, Deonominazione Di Origine Controllata, 2006 - a little light for me
        *Primitivo Di Puglia Poggio, "Al Drago", Italy, 2006 - Italy's Finfandel - still a little light for me
        *San Valentino, Italy, Alta Marea Rubicone Bianco I.G.T., 2006
        *San Simone Nexus, Italy, Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon 2004
        *Ohlig, (Oestrich-Winkel, Rheingau), Germany, NIKKI Riesling dry 2006
        *PISA Liquer, Italy - never had this before. Enjoy Frangelico. LOVED this and the flavors of almond (hint of cherry too), hazelnut and pistachio. This may become my new winter liquer. Sorry Frangelico . . .

        Brian had just returned from Italy and brought along some special wines. This was very much appreciated. Two of those wines were favorites of the evening:

        *Gabrielle Collection, Equilateral, 2004 - not sure if this is available in the U.S. yet
        *Boxwood 2007, Virginia - who knew a wine like this could come from Virginia?

        We also tasted a Barossa Valley Petite Verdot, 2004 from Australia. A small production at around 400 bottles, this may not be available in the U.S. We are partial to reds and this wine rounded out our top three favorites of the evening.

        Many thanks to Linda & Michael, Brian, Chef Rob, Patrick for a memorable evening. We look forward to more special events and are glad to see Bloomer's is now open for lunch.

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        1. re: financialdistrictresident

          Bloomer's Bistro has some new additions to the menu. We tried one of the mussels appetizers. Mussels were sweet. I also tried the mahi mahi with a spicy sweet sauce.

        2. We went to Bloomers last night. Chef Rob will be leaving. They have a new menu (yes the pepperocini calamari, one of their signature apps is there). Service was excellent (thanks, Patrick). Now on to the food:


          Soft shell crabs cajun - very good, didn't really taste the cajun - maybe it was a rub? In any event it wasn't overpowering. A little pesto on the side and an aioli (I think). Cooked perfectly.

          Lobster bisque - this was excellent with large pieces of lobster. At $15 worth every penny!

          Calamari with pepperocini- cooked perfectly, one of our favorite Bloomers apps


          Rack of lamb - dining companion said it was good but a bit overcooked.

          Sea bass with b. blanc sauce - SO said it was a little cold in the middle (this was quickly corrected by the kitchen), sauce was very good.

          Tuna - cooked perfectly, I didn't try this. Dining companion was happy.

          Clams, etc. with pasta - it was good. We make this at home. I had a hard time deciding what to order and probably should have made a dinner out of a few apps.


          Cherry bread pudding was so, so good - this was my favorite.

          Brownie Sunday was huge, with the ice cream and homemade whipped cream.

          Creme brulee with a hint of Mexican ?

          Looks like the new/guest chef has plenty of talent to keep us returning to Bloomers again and again. We look forward to the new menu. I'm hoping they bring back the quail with espresso and (chocolate?). It was one of my favorite dishes. Also the salad with in house cured duck prosciutto (love the summer and winter versions). We still need to get to Bloomers for lunch . . .

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              We went to Bloomer's. New chef, new creations to try :)


              We had the soft shell crab. This time it had Asian flavors. I liked these flavors better than the cajun version.

              I had the crab cake, served on a bed of baby arugula with ? sauce. Very good.


              SO had the lamp pecan crusted lollipop accompanied with bleu cheese appetizer special (lamb was cooked perfectly) and the lobster ravioli special - in a cream sauce with crab, shrimp, scallops, lobster. I had a taste of this, we started mopping up the delicious sauce and brought the rest home.

              I had the duck with peaches. I prefer my duck a little rarer, but to be fair I didn't request it that way and just put my trust in the kitchen. The duck was quite good. The vegetables (asparagus, carrots, zucchini) were so farm fresh and delicious. Liked the raisins in the rice. For some reason the peaches didn't work for me. Maybe if they were roasted or grilled?

              We had some espresso and skipped dessert.

              So far I'm finding the seafood dishes really good. Especially the lobster bisque and the lobster ravioli special with seafood.

              1. re: financialdistrictresident

                we went last night. of course being a fellow blues fan like the owners, it was fun. i had the asian crab and a house salad as my main and the 3 crab asparagus soup as an app. all were very nice. my wife had the roasted beet salad which was red and golden beets served with endive and crushed hazelnuts with a light creamy dressing. she ordered the tuna which was a little overcooked. they offered to redo it but we stuck with it and they took it off the bill which we though was the proper thing to do. for dessert we had the flourless chocolate cake. very good, nice and dense. we will be going back.

                1. re: davmar77

                  I don't know what I'll do without Bloomers:


                  Let's hope they negotiate a settlement and re-open very soon . . .

                    1. re: financialdistrictresident

                      what a shame. :-( this does not look promising.

                        1. re: financialdistrictresident

                          We've been twice since they re-opened. At our most recent dinner we tried a few new dishes before our entrees (steak and seafood ravioli):

                          *asparagus and crab soup (hot)
                          *fried oysters with cilantro lime aioli

                          One of the servers brought us a taste of the gazpacho. Very good. A little spicier than your average gazpacho. We liked that.

                          We tried the traditional strawberry shortcake with a banana biscuit (a little non-traditional) and home made whipped cream. The biscuit was okay. I've had it before and liked it better. Maybe with a different biscuit? I like Bloomers lemon ice box cake better.

                          Another very good meal.

                          Also, now that track season has started Bloomers is a good alternative to S. Springs.

                          1. re: financialdistrictresident

                            i'm glad they got straightened out so soon. i guess they didn't want to miss track season either. they need to get their name out there to bring some traffic in that direction. it's not like they get any walking traffic over there.

                            1. re: davmar77

                              Good news for locals who want to avoid S. Springs during track season :)

                              Cella Bistro is also good when we need a change of pace from Bloomers, Lake Ridge, 51 Front during track season and don't want to head to Albany . . .We also plan to head to Galway more now that we've discovered Village Pizzeria.

            2. Started with soft shell crab over baby arugula appetizer. Tried the new duck dish with a spicy sauce/glaze accompanied with really fresh summer vegetables and rice. Liked it very much. SO had the Kobe beef burger. Fries were addictive. We shared the lemon ice box cake. Currently my favorite Bloomer's dessert.

              Also learned Bloomer's may start serving brunch. . .

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                My description of the duck glaze above was vague. It was a sweet chili apricot glaze . . .