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Jul 29, 2009 02:17 AM

Great coffee in central Auckland at Millers, Cross Street

Not sure how long this place has been around but think its fairly new - a coffee roastery behind K Road on Cross Street called Millers. Only open from 7.30am - about 11am but well worth the trip. FANTASTIC coffee - freshly roasted and expertly made. Love the "no grande, no trim milk" sign thats up - this place is for serious coffee lovers - and while its tres cool, its not too pretentious and the prices are great - $3 for a single shot (regardless of whether you take it straight or as a cappucino etc) $3.50 a double - seriously do not consider this option unless you have nerves of steel/serious coffee habit - the stuff is strong.....Brazil may be gone (RIP) but the KRd area now has a worthy successor.

ps is anyone actually out there?? sometimes I feel like im the only person in auckland who is eating??!!!!!!!

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  1. Well I'm here for a couple more weeks. (Hey FF: my email is on my profile page.)

    The best espresso I've found on this trip (well, the only espresso significantly better than Starbucks) was at Planet Espresso in the foyer of the Auckland Hospital. The roast, by Coffee Lab, has good body without being burnt, and my barista was willing to take his time. If there's good coffee at Millers, which is a bit closer to the CBD, that's good to know.

    A lead I haven't yet followed up: riding the bus up Manukau Road I spotted a cafe near the Newmarket/Epsom border with a sign in the window claiming that they had the #3 ranked barista in NZ. Some Googling IDs the place as Espresso Workshop, and it very much seems to be the real deal:

    (The first- and second-ranked baristas are from Christchurch. Yes, there is life in the South Island.)