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Jul 29, 2009 01:09 AM

Confit de canard in Paris

Hi all,

I'm coming back to Paris in a week for a visit and have one craving- confit de canard. I had it here last time and it was so good, but I don't remember where it was (some corner bistro). My budget is pretty tight- 20-30€ tops (2 courses without wine) and I will go anywhere in the 20 arrondissements. Where should I go for some good duck n potatoes?


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  1. La Fontaine de Mars, 129, Rue Saint-Dominique, 7th arr. and they're open...

    The duck with potatoes is some 19€.

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    1. re: Dodo

      La Fontaine's confit de canard is quite respectable.

      Best to reserve early -- since President Obama ate there early in June, reservations have been a bit harder to come by.

      1. re: rjkaneda

        It looks like a great place, thanks! Would you say it's a good place to eat alone? (2 weeks ago in Lyon I was turned away from a restaurant because I was by myself)

        1. re: lemondeisrond

          Yes I have eaten there alone and enjoyed it very much. I did reserve.

          1. re: lemondeisrond

            <turned away from a restaurant because I was by myself> horrors! I cannot imagine such a thing, especially in Lyon. Curious if you recall the name of the place, and was that the reason they stated?

            1. re: ChefJune

              I don' t remember what it was called, but it was on one of the small restaurant-filled streets on Cours Franklin Roosevelt. Granted, I didn't have a reservation, but it was in the middle of the week at lunch and the place was practically empty. There was no reason. I asked for a table for one and the waiter said "non, on ne peut pas" and walked away.
              I ended up having a good meal just a few places down the street, though- the restaurant was smaller and fuller but yet I still had a seat. The day was saved.

        2. re: Dodo

          I found their Confit a bit fatty compared to others. At Chez Flottes, off Place Concorde, you get Aligote with the Confit de Canard (19E). Singles usually eat in the bar area, either at a table or at the bar; friendly waitstaff too.

            1. re: souphie

              Properly prepared, the fat content can approximate that of a free range, or wild bird, my ideal.

              1. re: Oakglen

                Oh, no. Properly prepared, it's plenty fatty. It's just, it shouldn't jump out at you.

                1. re: Oakglen

                  <Properly prepared, the fat content can approximate that of a free range, or wild bird,>

                  I beg to differ. It shouldn't ooze fat, but proper confit of duck is considerably more fatty than a wild bird.

                  1. re: ChefJune

                    Chef June, I said "my ideal". At our club in NY state we raised many hundreds of ducks; adults were not penned, had their own lake and were carefully fed. Expensive process, yes, but well worth it.

                    1. re: Oakglen

                      But Oakglen, confit is cooked in duck fat. Not possible for that to come out lean!

                      1. re: ChefJune

                        I confess to using commercial duck fat and the confit cooking process with wild birds to retain the best flavor and moisture. In the 7th, I believe Florimond and D'Chez Eux have fine Confit de Canard. For those of us who never get enough of this dish, there is Dubernet, 2 Augereau, across from Cafe Constant, that sells Confit nicely packaged to take home.

          1. There is an additional excellent option in the 7th Au Petit Sud Ouest on Avenue de la Bourdonnais. Basically all they do is duck and they do it very well.I believe it is run by a couple and it is very informal with outside seating. I have had the confit with ceps and with potatoes and it was heaven. Their website does not incl prices but I recall it as being more than reasonable with a good wine list as well. I have eaten there alone as well as with my husband and was perfectly comfortable. ( I think I got more attention when I was alone which is common in Paris in my experience) They are closed Sun and Mon and open through August for dinner only. And I love Fontaine de Mars as well

            1. Since your budget is little bit challenging, you should consider 'Chez Papa' a small chain of south-west restaurants. I haven't been there for ages but I guess it should fit the bill.

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              1. re: Theobroma

                I did eat at one in the 18th just a while back and it was pretty horrid.

              2. I just want to echo what capeanne says below about Au Petit Sud Ouest on Ave de la Bourdonnais. I find their confit de canard consistently tasty and crispy.

                1. Well within your budget, the confit is the signature dish at Le Languedoc, 64, Boul. de Port Royale (5th), Métro: Le Gobelins; open for lunch and dinner, but closed Tues. & Wed. This is our favorite neighborhood spot. The only problem may be that, as I believe I recall, the confit must be ordered for two, but you could call to confirm that -- Tel. (The Dubois family has run this place for nearly 30 years — you will see mother, father and son (always in a blue shirt), helped by a burgundy-vested waiter who looks like Sidney Greenstreet.)

                  -- Jake ( http://parisandbeyondinfrance.blogspo... )