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Jul 29, 2009 12:24 AM

Sick of hard, crispy, shoe string fries.

For some reason lately everytime I order a fry, I get crispy, Burger King style fries. Iggy's in RI, A&W drive thru in RI, couple other little resteraunts.. Where can I find a good, thick, greasy but NOT soggy french fry? No shoe strings and curly fries.

Actually I think my favs are from China Jade Chinese Resteraunt in Johnston, RI... As weird as that is. But sometimes they're too soggy.

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    1. re: jackattack

      I don't know if you're serious or not but..... Wendy's is a little better but kinda undercooked.

    2. Good fries are a thing of the past. Last good fries I had were in the infield of the Northampton Fair horse track.

      1. O'Rourke's, in Pawtuxet Village. It's at the south end of the village, so I think it's technically Warwick at that point.

        Handcut, thick, greasy, salty, delicious. Not soggy at all. The fish 'n chips are outstanding.

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        1. re: dagwood

          I've heard of this place before but where exactly are they located? I couldn't even find it on Google Street VIew.

          Also, do they do take out or is this a diner type lace?

          1. re: no0b

            It's an Irish pub. It's on Broad Street, on the southern end of Pawtuxet Village. (In Cranston, take Park Ave as far East as it will go, and turn right. You'll be on Broad St.), drive south to the end of Pawtuxet Village, where the road splits. It's on the left hand side before the split, you can't miss it. They have outdoor tables as well, and live music frequently. I have heard that they opened a lounge-type area on the 2nd floor but haven't been since they did.

            1. re: dagwood

              I just looked it up. The actual street address is 23 Peck Lane, Warwick 02888. Phone 228-7444.

        2. I like to get an extra order of fries to take home and make potato sticks. Put fries in microwave oven and cook till dried out and then sprinkle with seasoning of choice. Makes a great snack. Got to be careful as they go from dried out to burnt quick.

          1. Without a doubt, Buttonwood Fish & Chips in Warwick has about the best (fresh cut) fries (and not greasy) south of Als' in Burlington, VT. They also have (fresh cut) onion rings that are unbeatable.

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            1. re: Clams047

              Gack. I really dislike Al's fries.