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Jul 29, 2009 12:16 AM

heirloom tomatoes in Vancouver

Hi all,
Wondering where is the best place to get heirloom tomatoes in Vancouver, Burnaby or Richmond? I purchased some last year at the Granville Island farmer's market. Any tips on where to go or whom to get it from? Thanks :)

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  1. I saw some at the GIsle Farmer's Market in front of the theatre last week (not a huge selection, $4/lb IIRC). The Trout Lake etc Farmer's Markets always seem to have some as well and I notice the Gastown one is starting up this Sunday. Might be worth a look.

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      The tomatoes by the family who sell at Granville Island as well as Kits Market and Whole Foods (yes, all the same folks) are hands down the best currently available. They are grown in soil but covered by a greenhouse so the season is much longer.

      I buy them slightly under ripe (often all they have after the rush) stick them in a paper bag and put them away for a few days and they are fantastic.
      I use all varieties for eating fresh and making a really simple tomatoes sauce (garlic, olive oil, fresh basil ).
      They do not sell on Fridays and Saturdays (still available at Whole Foods).

      Once the big summer crops arrive I like Milans (he started the craze in Vancouver) he sells at Trout Lake and probably Granville Island in a couple of weeks.
      At Trout Lake Market Sapo Bravo has excellent and a large selection of heirlooms and Klippers also has a great selection and sells at Trout Lake, Kits Market as well as the new Main St. Wed. Market (still a bit early for selection though).

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        Just bought some Klippers Farm heirloom tomatoes at the Main & Terminal farmers' market - Black Krim and Vintage Wine varietals. They look beautiful, but I've yet to slice into them!

    2. Hi there,
      I just got back from the gastown farmers market and the Garden Back to Eden stand had several heirloom varieties-I would say at least 10 different kinds as well as heirloom peppers and corn. It is open until 3 or 4 today and will be around every Sunday thru September....