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Jul 28, 2009 10:18 PM

Help! Last minute dinner plans in Montreal for large group

Thirteen of us for a Thursday night dinner. Nothing too fancy but willing to pay for well-prepared local food (quality of food trumps hoity-toity service or white table cloths) and perhaps with elements that we don't see in the San Francisco Bay Area. Tall order for last minute reservations and a large party....any ideas?

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  1. Thirteen isn't that large. You should be able to get in with a reservation wherever you want to go. It's been a little over a year since I've been but my very favourite restaurant in Montreal is Maestro SVP on St-Laurent - it's seafood like you see in San Francisco but mostly east coast stuff, very good and fresh.

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      Au Pied de Cochon may still be able to accommodate... it is truly a Montreal must. Their food and atmosphere make it a fun night out any time.

    2. Le Jolifou comes to mind, plus they have a seperate room that can accomodate groups. Decca 77 could also be a very good option as it's downtown, the food is really good and prices are quite fair if you go the prix fixe route.

      1. You could try Cafe Ferreira. They can usually accomodate large parties. Though "local" food might be a stretch.