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Jul 28, 2009 08:33 PM

Family Dining in Calgary?


I'm wondering if anyone has any tips for great restaurants that are family friendly (we have a toddler and an infant).

Most of the restaurants that cater to young families seem to have unhealthy options for the kids (chicken fingers, hot dogs, etc), and mediocre food for the adults.

Beyond the obvious - Phil's, Little Chef, etc., we've been going to Sushi Ichiban, they've been really friendly and helpful with the little ones. Does anyone have other spots they frequent with their children?


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  1. Have you ever tried Cora's (Chez Cora) for breakfast or lunch? They have great healthy alternatives, but there tends to be long lines to get in (no reservations), so make sure your kids have something to occupy them.

    1. We go out for Vietnamese a lot, so our kids have pretty well grown up with it. We frequent Pho Anh on Centre Street North, and Saigon Y2K.

      Pretty well any of the Japanese places are good for kids - they can eat udon, soba and sushi as they see fit. Your post didn't say what part of the city you were from, so I can only suggest places in the north. Shikiji, Globefish, Muku, Yamato, were pretty accommodating to our kids.

      Any of the noisy Chinese restaurants work too - Edgemont City, Tai Pan, Regency, etc.

      Chianti's for Italian is OK with kids, as is Montana's. These two places are the only places they've eaten off the kids menu. Otherwise they just share what mom and dad are eating.

      I'd say we'd been to a lot of places with the kids without issue, but they were well-behaved when they were growing up - with the exception of our daughter - from about 2 years to 3 years old she just wouldn't eat - there's only so much effort we were willing to expend to fight with her! After 3 years old, she was fine...

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        I would have to say that Saigon Y2K is a bit overpriced for Vietnamese though, there are better cheaper options depending on what you like (I'm picky regarding vietnamese as I am vietnamese). Generally all vietnamese restaurants are kid friendly though.

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          Sorry for the highjack but where do you recommend for Vietnamese, p.dinh? I've never liked Saigon Y2K. We live in the NW.

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            I agree about Saigon Y2K being overpriced - however- like most places - you can discern a good dish or two. Try #64 (wraps) and the curry fried rice. I don't like it for pho, but the bun is Ok. And the kids love the bubble tea there for some reason.

            I like Pho Anh for the pho and reasonably priced. Oriental Dallas is both overpriced and not very good in the NW. Essence of Saigon I've never enjoyed. Northview (by Deerfoot Mall) I like. Pho Kim & Pho So haven't caught my fancy. Maybe we should start a new thread for Vietnamese in the NW... :-)

        2. I can highly recommend the Pfanntastc Pfannenkoek Haus - I've eaten there several times with my baby daughter and with my friend's little girl. The staff are very friendly and welcoming to kids, they have loads of high chairs and toys, and of course the pancakes are delicious!