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Cassoulet...where to find in T.O?

I just came back from Quebec and unfortunately could not bring back some frozen containers(long drive=melting=food poisoning). Where could I find a good quality version here in T.O./GTA? Any help would be appreciated.

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  1. Batifole had it when I was last there. Pretty good too.


    744 Gerrard St E, Toronto, ON M4M1Y3, CA

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      You're kidding, right? Batifole's cassoulet is less than mediocre and obscenely priced. The best I've ad is Gallery Grill, but they don't always have it on the menu. La Paradis is good, too.

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        I wasn't kidding. I'd never had it before and liked it. Sorry......

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          Agreed with Gallery Grill as the Best I've had (so far) in Toronto. Would recommend against Le Select's version: http://www.flickr.com/photos/bokchoi-...
          as it was tasteless (beans) and dry (confit).

      2. Hi Michelle,

        We have a few jars from Quebec in our cellar for emergency fixes. Outside of France, this is easily the best you can buy....It is made by Palme d'OR...and your in luck. Just saw it last week at SLM. If you go the 2nd floor at the southeast corner of the building, there is a cooler/fridge with Quebec products....its part of the cheese shop (beside the bagel joint). There were a few jars when we were there. Happy eating!

        1. It appears you are looking for some to buy and eat at home. You could try the cassoulet made by Saucier Foods. I haven't tried the cassoulet but based on the food I have tried, it should be good. Saucier is owned by Roger Wils, who used to run Cafe Brussel. I have bought various items he sells at the Withrow Park market, and they have all been very good. You have to try his pastries. Here is a link to the website: http://saucierfoods.com/

          P.S. It's not hard to make a good cassoulet at home if you are inclined to do so, I've done it with good results.

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            Good to know, foodyDudey- I had wondered what had happened to Roger Wils. Although I like the Globe Bistro, I miss the brunches at Cafe Brussel :(

          2. Atelier Thuet has cassoulet listed.

            They may have it Petite Thuet, but I couldn't get the product list to load.

            1. I'll pipe up for a great version at Le Select Bistro.

              1. Biff's Bistro has or at least not too long ago had a fabulous one -Biff's on Front Street - large portion

                1. I had a most interesting and delicious 'variation on a theme' cassoulet at Mogette a few weeks back. Its a 'divers scallop' cassoulet with 3 mega size scallops, really delicious crispy berkshire pork belly and house smoked bacon served with lentils and beans.

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                  1. What about Le Paradis? The price can't be beat anywhere, portions are huge, and it's as authentic as you'll find anywhere in toronto

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                      But how often will you find i on the menu? It's not there right now. In the past, I've seen a cassoulet made in France at Alex Farms.

                    2. Thanks for all the great suggestions!! Do any of these restos offer take-out portions? I'd hate to go and be HUGELY dissapointed! I plan to freeze the cassoulet for the Fall/Winter or given how cold this Summer has been in the evening, maybe sooner than that!

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                        Why buy it a freeze it just wait till you want to eat it and get it then....

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                          you can get ready-to-go duck confit legs at mcewans.

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                            I would check Summerhill market. I forget who mentioned the deal on two confit legs.

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                              or at T&T I have heard at a good price..

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                                T&T has Brome Lake duck legs, but not confit.
                                Brome Lake ducks are never force fed.

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                                  Mentioned earlier - Palme d'Or is widely available across the city. I've seen it at Pusateris, Oliffe, Summerhill, SLM, Cheese Boutique, Cumbrae's, Whole Foods, etc. Made in Que, quite good, sold in a snap-lid jar. If you're looking for it right now it could be harder to find than in the Fall/Winter - most restos consider it a cold-weather menu item. IMO - Marc Thuet makes the best & most authentic cassoulet this side of the Atlantic. Loaded with goodies and the beans are perfectly cooked. It's available at his various (and moving) locations, but again, probably not at this time of year. Le Paradis certainly is cheap, and the portion is big, but it's mostly overcooked beans in a one-dimensional sauce.