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Jul 28, 2009 08:14 PM

Taipei, around Grand Hyatt

Hi -- my wife and I are adopting a child from Taiwan and are staying through Saturday, 1 August at the Grand Hyatt. We have the child with us, just awaiting some final passport paperwork from AIT. We'd like to venture out. Thankfully, the child loves to eat everything, as much as the parents do, but she's very young (18 months), it's hot, and we don't speak mandarin (actually, she seems to understand a few things, but not enough to ask for "good place for beef noodle").

Anyone have any suggestions for a place within walking distance or a short taxi ride? Some place that could work with venturesome but doofy Americans and their 18-month old child?

Many thanks in advance!

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  1. Hi Mark, saw you guys on TV the other day...

    I used to stay at the Grand Hyatt a lot when I travel back to Taipei, out of pure laziness I would go to the food court at Taipei 101 next door. You get some of the same street food but in an aircon environment. Shin Yeh has a fancy restaurant on top of 101 which serves good Taiwanese cuisine and has great views from the 85th floor.

    There are also a couple of places not far away around Neo19 serving pretty decent food (not talking about Chili's...).

    Do It True a short walk away on Jen Ai Road serves authentic "northern" Chinese. A scaled down version with limited menu is in the Taipei 101 food court.

    The beef noodle at the Grand Hyatt is actually very good. It's served in Cheers as well as part of room service.

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      Thanks, Peech. Yes, well, the TV thing has been a bit weird, but it's gotten us lots of good service!

      Thanks, we did the 101 food court last night and were pleasantly surprised with the Shanghai Dumpling. Certainly not like an American mall food court. I'd seen the Do It True listed in the Rough Guide. Might give it a go -- perhaps in the food court version, to enjoy the ease of travel.