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Jul 28, 2009 07:46 PM


Until two maybe three years ago, New York City enjoyed 3 Taylor Bake Shops, offering powerchocolate brownies, amongst many other generous, full flavored, bakings. I am still depressed they have not resurfaced yet. Any thoughts? Any leads?

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  1. isn't the West Village location on Hudson Street still open?

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      1. re: jinthek

        wow. really? shows you how much attention i've been paying!

    1. the spicy brownies at the chocolate bar are a favorite.

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      1. re: mrnyc

        where is chocolate bar? Nothing I've had compared to Taylors. Not even Voges.

      2. i know its totally played out and famous for cupcakes but the chocolate chip fudge brownie at magnolia is my favorite brownie in the city. although the other night i remember someone was telling me about a brownie that i needed to try that they were completely obsessed with, i wish i could remember this conversation and report back... i'm curious as well though as to what other brownies people love, especially ones with fudge chunks in them.

        1. I would recommend the brownie at Jacques Torres Chocolate, in Greenwich Village, on Hudson & King St. The brownie is made by an expert who is a classically trained French chef, who uses the finest imported cacao from Belgium, and freshly made on premises.

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            City Girl on Thompson and and Oro on Mott both have brownies, the former rich leaning to fudge, the latter dryer more to a cake style.