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Jul 28, 2009 07:38 PM

MSP Best Butcher/Grocery for Steaks

I know we're supposed to be economizing but we've had way too many economical/crappy steaks this summer (including at restaurants) What's your favorite butcher or grocery for a steak splurge? Near St. Paul and east metro is a big plus but we'll go wherever at this point. Is there a good bet at the St. Paul Farmer's Market? It seems like most vendors have only frozen which makes sense but I don't think that's what we're after..Whole Foods steaks always look really good but we haven't had them. They're also really pricey which would be fine for the splurge aspect if this is what others agree would fit the bill. I would love all your big meaty opinions on this...

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  1. Even though they have become a chain, my personal choice is still Von Hanson's. Beautiful thick steaks at prices on par with the big chains. I know one of the local food writers did an article a few years back looking for the best steak. She went to places like Kowalski's, Whole Food, Clancy's. and she ended up choosing Von Hanson's .

    If you were to go to one of the chain grocery stores, I find Festival to be far and away the best of the bunch.

    1. In your neck of the woods, I'd go with Von Hansons.

      1. I really like the dry aged bone in ribeyes from Lunds. Quite spendy, but quite tasty as well. I also go to Everetts on 38th and Cedar if I don't want to spend the $20 lb. for the steaks at Lunds.

        1. I have been cooking exclusively porterhouse from Hill and Vale farms all summer. They are a farm in Wykof(sp?) that features a corn and grass diet fed beef, so you get a great texture, as well as a more developed marble than most local grass fed beef. Really great stuff. I consistantly get them at the Seward Co-op, usually $12.99/LB, and they out perform the dry aged and prime cuts from Whole Foods, Kowalski's and Lunds/Byerly's. I am really happy with them. There is a farm called Chasebrook that I believe is in Milaca, that has a similar feed program, that is on the Farmer's market tour this summer. I have a ribeye from them in the freezer and it looks really nice, but I have not fired it up yet, so I can't speak from experience on it yet. I'm sure a call to Hill and Vale could give you closer option, but Seward is just across the river.

          Seward Co-op Grocery and Deli
          2823 E Franklin Ave, Minneapolis, MN 55404

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            Mitch, yeah Seward is practically St. Paul. I think by limiting to St. Paul I was trying to avoid having lots of people say Clancy's. Linden Hills is not easy to get to from almost anywhere. I might call Hill and Vale and see if they have them at Mississippi Market. Maybe we'll try Von Hanson's again too.. haven't been there in awhile.

            Really BigE? Festival's better than Lund's or Byerly's? We'll have to give them a try too because $20/lb seems kind of obscene these days...

            1. re: cherrylime

              cherrylime, I meant Festival versus Cub and Rainbow. But price-wise, I'll take Festival or Lund's and Byerly's (throw Kowalski's in there) any day.

            2. re: mitch cumstein

              I will second the H&V ribeye from Seward. It's absolutely the best steak you can buy for the $. The guys behind the counter are really nice too. While you're there, be sure to pick a few different homemade sausages and some beautiful ground bison for burgers. Man I love that place.

              1. re: ike.

                The bulk breakfast sausage at the seward meat counter is, in particular, really delicious, and a good bye at 5/lb.

                1. re: ike.

                  3rding the seward steaks. they are tops. i think the meat dept. at seward needs to get more credit. they truly are friendly and are very willing to do special orders and cuts. esp since lund's/byerly's no longer has real butchers in the stores, this is a very good thing! love their fresh-ground bison and the handmade sausages too.

              2. Here's a rundown from City Pages that Dara M-G did a few years back: