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Jul 28, 2009 07:11 PM

All-nighter in the West Village/Meatpacking

Hey guys-

My 3 brothers and their wives are coming in Thursday for dinner. Where in the west village/ meatpacking/ Union Sq area should we go?

Here are the criteria:
- Tasty- any cuisine
- Inexpensive but substantial ($20-$30/pp for food, only half of us still have jobs)
- Good for a table of 8
- Can stay and have drinks for as long as we want. We're not looking to jump from place to place.
- Takes reservations

If there is a restaurant and a neighboring bar combo, we'd be up for that too.

Thanks as always!

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  1. What about The Standard Grill? Isn't that open really late now in the Meatpacking district? I don't know if they would rush you, but maybe you can ask them about that when you make the reservation. Have fun!

    1. Wow, I clicked through and thought you wanted somewhere where you could pull an all-nighter (like a college student studying all night before an exam) and was all set to recommend a diner...

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      1. re: kathryn

        I thought the same thing. My understanding was that they wanted lots of restaurants/clubs/bars to last them from dinner time til the morning. That sounds like a fun post to answer.

      2. i know, me too -- the header is deceiving.

        i'd suggest the highline restaurant. it's a thai food place. the food is ok and it's fun. slick, yet not at all expensive. it has two levels and a bar.

        you all could easily walk over to hogs and heifers if it indeed turns into an all-nighter!

        1. Highling should work, though drinks can be pricey at $13 per cocktail. I have had moderate dinners and lingered undisturbed for hours at La Nacional and Lederhosen, but both close by midnight, so if you are truly looking to go until 4am, you would have to wander to a nearby bar, which should be easy in those neighborhoods.