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Jul 28, 2009 07:02 PM

Best BBQ in NC, SC & GA

I'll be travelling all 3 states over a week. Starting from Charlotte, NC, then making a loop that will go SE towards Charleston, then continue down the coast til Savannah, GA and then back up towards Charlotte passing through as far west as Augusta.

I love BBQ and have never tried Carolina Q before. So, if I were to eat in just 3 spots during my tour of food gluttony, which 3 should they be?


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  1. Unfortunately, you'll miss the best NC bbq spots. If there's any way you can detour up to Lexington, NC you should do so and go to Lexington BBQ #1. Otherwise, between Charlotte and Charleston is Sweatman's, an outstanding example of SC style 'q. Only open Thursday - Saturday.

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      Triangle isn't on your journey, but we've got a selection from The BBQ Pit to the Q Shack (although debate rages on if it is NC Q) and Alan and Sons. But Smithfield's is a quick intro in a pinch. And there's a good little dive in Grabtown, NC (I remember all the Ava Gardner memorabia - and the q).

    2. -While I'm not a fan of the SC mustard base I'd say if you've never tried it then you need to check out Sweatman's in Holly Hill, SC

      - My two favorite BBQ places (near Charlotte - but on the SC side) are:
      Courtney's BBQ
      1166 Highway 55 E
      Clover, South Carolina 29710
      (803) 222-5900

      521 BBQ
      7580 Charlotte Highway/521
      Indian Land, SC

      1. Vandy's in Statesboro between Savannah & Augusta has been around forever & is some the best cue in that part of the country.

        1. low country SC BBQ

          sweat mans in holly hill
          mama browns in kingstree
          melvins on james island... for your quick everyday Q needs :)

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            Ever so slight correction...

            Mama Brown's BBQ is in Mt. Pleasant. In Kingstree it's Brown's BBQ. Same family I believe, just the names are mixed around a bit.

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              Brown's in Kingstree SC is fantastic.

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                I wholeheatedly agree. I'm NC born and bred, so I love pepper vinegar. Brown's and Mama Brown's have that. I live close enough to Mama Brown's to know when the chicken's frying. Lord help me....

          2. I'll be driving from Charlotte to Atlanta tomorrow and was wondering the same thing. I've already been to Honey Monk's, Allen and Son's, Stamey's, Bridges, Sweatman's and Keatons. Just wondering if there are any bbq destinations along 85 bet. Charlotte and Atlanta that can't be missed. Thanks, y'all!

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              I've never been, but on another thread a place called The Spotted Pig, in Fair Play, SC was recommended. Might be worth checking out:


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                A little off topic, but what location of Allen and Son's do you go to? I've seen you post before, and have only been to the one on the road heading to Sanford.

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                  I go to the one between Hillsborough and CH, at the intersection of Hwy 86 and a road whose name I can't remember, a mile or so north of I-40. Pretty sure thats different from the one you are referring to. I've never been to that one, and I'm virtually certain there is no connection between them.

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                    Thanks. They do share the same name, don't they? I haven't been to the one on 86, though the location on highway 1 was good, but not great. I must try the other location.

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                      There may have been some connection at one time. It does make for some confusion. My understanding from comments on this board is that the Hwy 86 location is far superior.

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                It's a bit of a side trip, but you could hit Carolina Barbecue in New Ellenton.