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Jul 28, 2009 06:35 PM

Help! Need Peace & Quiet In Financial Area

OMG, I'm going to go nuts! A while ago I posted for recs down in the Financial area for lunches. Now that I'm there for a couple of months and have found my way around, that isn't the issue any longer. My problem is it's TOO FREAKING NOISY!!!

I've found some decent places to eat - some I rather like (my favorite at the moment is Baluchi's, a small Indian place with rather fine food).

i can't find a cozy, quiet place to eat for the life of me. Every place seems packed with people rushing to eat in a pace the likes of which I have never experienced before. I used to work mid-town. Things seemed rather leisurely up there for the most part. I could easily find relatively mellow coffee shops if I didn't go during a peak hour but down here on Broad and Wall? It's rush, rush, rush with blasting music, frenzied conversations, too many tables crammed together no matter what time I go to lunch. You can't get any privacy, and I feel rushed out of each place I've tried. Let alone, the prices are ridiculously high for anywhere which has a decent menu that I would even consider spending any time in (*if* I wanted to have the noise level through the roof).

Am I doomed to eat my lunches outdoors with the rest of the crowds of humanity downtown (which isn't quiet either - the street noise seems a higher level there too) or must I start to bring my food up to my office (not a relaxing choice for the most part). Isn't there someplace where a person can feel comfortable with a book for an hour, somewhere that you aren't crammed up against your neighbor and their cellphone? Am I asking for too much?

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  1. Elora, there are many threads on lunch in FiDi, Wall Street. You might want to do a search of this Board. Table Tales on Water is quiet (not sure your budget - it's probably under $10). You might also want to go to a street cart and find a quiet bench outside to eat (the benches in the English Garden on the way to Stone Street are a possibility).

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      Thanks so much for this info! I'll check over there. Also, where exactly is the English Garden? I know where Stone Street is of course, and it's always a mad house, so I'm curious where a quieter area near there may be.