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Jul 28, 2009 06:03 PM

an Sebastian restaurants without Michelin star

Please recommend some non-fussy, simple (but great food and wine of course) restaurants in San Sebastian that do not have a Michelin star.

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    1. Last week we sampled once again the Tues.-Fri. lunch (only) set 25 euro menu at Kokotxa and still find it to be an unbeatable bargain. It did receive a Michelin star last year for the '09 guide.

      Non Michelin starred restaurants in Donostia that we enjoy:

      Juanito Kojua on Portu 14 in the Parte Vieja-popular prices

      Bodegón Alejandro on Fermín Calbetón 4 in the Parte Vieja-the original family restaurant of M. Berasategui

      newcomer Narru on Miguel Imaz 10 in the Gros quarter (near Kursaal Center)-young and upcoming chef-pintxos bar upstairs and restaurant below.

      One that we've yet to try but that comes highly recommended by a San Sebastián foodie friend/professional gourmet

      Agorregi on Portuetxe Bidea 14 in the Igara neighborhood (a taxi ride away

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