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I've come by a lot of tonic water. Any ways to use it other than Gin and Tonic?

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  1. Lots of cocktails use tonic water: http://www.drinknation.com/ingredient...

    ...and of course, there's the malaria prevention benefits.

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    1. Tonic and bitters.

      An almost alcohol free version of the "pink gin"

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        I love tonic and bitters. It's my standard bar drink when I'm trying to be good about not imbibing too many cocktails. It tastes great and feels substantial.

        My other constant: tonic over ice with a generous splash of limoncello. The sweetness and citrus of the limoncello plays very well with the bitterness of the tonic.

        Also a fan of tonic and cynar over ice -- double bitterness, but super refreshing.

      2. Mount Gay rum or any similar amber rum and tonic is good too.

        1. It's not bad by itself, or with just a wedge of lime added. Less sweet than most carbonated soft drinks.

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          1. head buzz quite perplexing: applejack brandy and tonic!

            and i like the rose's lime juice idea, too.

            1. Use it to relieve muscle cramps. I was in a club one night after packing a truck with furniture and I was getting persistent cramps in my hands, arms and legs. A friend had me drink a couple of glasses of tonic water. No more cramps.

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                for the heck of it, i googled "quinine and muscle cramps" - and found an FDA warning about using quinine (in its drug form) for cramps. http://www.webmd.com/pain-management/...

                here's more about it's efficacy and potential side effects in leg cramps for adults: http://findarticles.com/p/articles/mi...

                i'd think tonic water is mild enough for such use, though! ...or maybe just gnaw on some cinchona bark (from which quinine's derived)! ;-)).

                ps, here's a link if you need a "quinine LAWYER"! LOL!!! http://www.resource4thepeople.com/def...

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                  I've used it for muscle cramps before, and suprisingly, if you place a bottle next to a black light it glows.

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                    i wonder if native cinchona users would use it as a poultice or a decoction?

                  1. Actually we use some that has turned flat to make gravy, half tonic half water, it seems to add a nice little tang to the gravy.

                    1. Does very well with getting red wine out of carpet or other fabrics.

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                        No, that's club soda. Tonic water has some sugar in it, all you'd get is a carpet that's stained AND sticky.

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                          I know I've heard that about club soda, but I have used tonic water before without problem. Though with the sugar content, it would be important to keep it in mind.

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                            i wouldn't put tonic on my carpet, unless i was expecting to clean it again pretty much the next day.

                      2. There's also a nice twist on an Arnold Palmer: iced tea and tonic.

                        1. I mix it with fruit juice to cut the sweetness and calories (diet tonic water)

                          1. Ice Cubes - I make ice cubes out of Tonic.

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                              bermudagourmetgoddess, you get the top award for the cleverest use of tonic water! veeeerrrry nice for a g&t!

                              1. re: alkapal

                                Thank you and yes it is a nice for a G&T and soda water iced cubes are nice for my vodka and soda water!