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Jul 28, 2009 05:29 PM

What Cut of Pork??

Does anyone know what cut of pork is roasted for the Tony Lukes, Johns and Tommy DiNics roast pork sandwich?

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  1. Tony Luke's uses Fresh Ham


    By the looks of the picture on, so does DiNic's

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    1. re: fourunder

      I spoke to Tommy Dinic himself... He told me they use Boston Butts.

      1. re: BewilderedLineCook

        yeah, just guessing from the looks pre-sliced, looks like a butt to me.

    2. While we are on this topic, I have another question. Back in the days when I lived in the midwest, we commonly ate a cut called a pork steak. It was roughly the pork equivalent of a beef ribeye, but thinner. Since moving east, I've never seen it again. Anyone know of this cut being available in the Philly area?

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      1. re: truffles2

        i'm sure you can get it at a butcher. acc to wikipedia:

        Pork steaks are frequently grilled over charcoal and then simmered in barbecue sauce to further tenderise and flavour them.

        Pork steaks are cut from pork shoulder blade (Boston) roast. Like the roasts, the steaks are flavorful and contain a significant amount of fat, which helps keep them moist while cooking. Because the pork steak is cut from an active muscle location on the pig, it is less tender than some other cuts. It is also referred to as "blade steak."