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Jul 28, 2009 04:23 PM

Monmouth Park Haskell 8-02

Heading to a Residence Inn in(sic) Tinton Falls 8/1-4th. Any Track, Local eateries and purveyors beyond Whole Foods in Red Bank appreciated. We eat anything well done. Thanks

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  1. I can burn a lot of food for you. But I suppose you really mean food done well.

    There are a lot of excellent places in the area. If you can narrow it down some, casual vs dressy, cuisine types, ocean view vs edible, distance, price range, you'll get a couple dozen recommendations before you can blink.

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      Done well, indeed. Casual, all cuisine but sushi, edible, 10+/- miles from Tinton Falls, inexpensive to moderate (30 -60$ for two w/o wine), BYOB is great, takeout is fine also.

      A butcher, farmers market and bakery suggestions if available. We'll be at Monmouth Park Sunday, haven't been for five years, Grandstand food may have improved, any recent experiences appreciated.

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        I'll throw out a couple. Assuming you are talking about dinner, for "done well" and "casual" I would do either Dish in Red Bank or Belford Bistro in Belford (Middletown). Both are BYOB and are within 10 miles of Tinton Falls. As far as a farmers' market, while you don't give a day, I will assume you mean Sunday and will suggest the one at the Galleria in Red Bank. Although I can't suggest a butcher, I will recommend that you give Flakey Tart in Atlantic Highlands a try. It's just a tad out of your way but is regarded as the best baked goods in the area. Good Luck and enjoy your stay.

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          bgut, good recommendations, but a little far. Staying in the area, you could do Applebees or Redheads right by your hotel, but I assume you want better than that. On 35 south is Wegman's, an upscale supermarket with an excellent prepared meals section, as well as excellent produce, bakery, etc. In Long Branch neat the track, there are plenty of places on Broadway, many of them Latin. On Brighton Ave, a little farther south, are a few more good places. Surf Taco the most popular place there, but you have a lot of choices.

          For Mexican, I like Don Chucos on 35, just north of Deal Avenue, or Agave Grill, on Branchport just north of 36. For Asian, Far East Taste or Thai Chillies on 35 north of 36, near McD and Wendy. Cobblestone Diner is very good, the best in the vicinity in my opinion.

          And of course there's White Castle. :)

          This is just a sampling, of course. There is a lot to pick from.

          I'd suggest staying away from the Pier Village. It'll be packed and not that great food. Nice views, though. In fact, the whole waterfront will be a real zoo. Many good choices, but locals avoid it on the weekend.

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            Cant - The OP did say 10 miles. :) As far as your recommendations, while many are solid, I would avoid Applebees like the plague. Too many good choices abound to eat that @#$%.

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              Applebee's was tongue in cheek. Which is more flavorful than anything you can get there.

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                  Don't be. You give such good advice so often you deserve a pass. Heck, you deserve a season ticket.

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                    Nice to know I'm appreciated. :) Thank you.

    2. As far as markets, there are both Sickles in Little Silver and Delicious Orchards in Colts neck.



      For dining there is a lot to offer. Here is a listing of Monmouth County Dining establishments. You can sort it by location or cuisine (Heck, you can sort by Phone number...)


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        Thanks for all the suggestions. A fine weekend to all.

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          check - Enjoy the race as well as our local cuisine. Try and report back.